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Play Need for Speed World Online For Free

We covered EA Games Play-4-Free title Need For Speed World earlier, since then the online game have gone through a lot of changes and improvements. The FREE to play online racing game features lots of awesome licensed cars to let users enjoy racing through a massive open world with social integration and pleasure of competing with their friends.

Need For Speed World

Grab Your FREE Beta Key for "Company of Heroes 2", The Sequel To The Highest Rated Strategy Game Of All Time

Here's you chance to grab a free activation key for Company of Heroes 2 Beta, the sequel of popular real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment. The game staged during World War II will officially feature the USSR's Red Army as a new faction (after the release of the Eastern Front fan mod in 2010) and will take the player on various stages of the Eastern Front campaign, from Operation Barbarossa to the Battle of Berlin. It uses the new Essence 3.0 engine which includes new environmental effects and the "True Sight" system, which only allows players to view the environment through their own units' line of sight.

Company Of Heroes 2

Game video trailer and steps to get your free key posted below.

AMD Says There Could Be No DirectX 12 — Ever

Micrsoft DirectX has been always the technology driving graphic card sales, but this might change soon. Back in January Microsoft sent a letter to its MVPs saying "DirectX is no longer evolving as a technology. Given the status within each technology, further value and engagement cannot be offered to the MVP community." However, this was later clarified with an official announcement that XNA was being discontinued not DirectX.

Now, adding more support to this suggestion, AMD's Vice President of Global Channel Sales - Roy Taylor has said there will be no DirectX12 at any time in the future during an interview given to a German magazine.

DirectX 10 Vs DirectX 11

Fix BioShock Infinite Saved Game Loading Crash

Bioshock Ifinite has received critical acclaim and has praises with positive reviews all across platforms (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360).

However, the now hugely popular FPS game does have quirks on some Windows PC configurations resulting in game freezes and other issues. One such common issue bugging PC users is Bioshock Infinite crash/hang upon launch, the game loads ok until it starts loading the saved checkpoint and freezes at the screen.

BioShock Infinite

[Video] Capri - Smaller, enhanced version of Kinect sensor hardware to enable creation of awesome interactive things around us..

Users are utilizing various Microsoft Kinect hacks to create awesome natural body gestures to control things around them, and LEAP has already made it's way into mainstream. To progress things further, PrimeSense - the makers of technology inside Microsoft’s Kinect, have revealed their latest 3-D sensor. Named Capri - the small enough sensor can fit inside tablets and smartphones enabling users to go beyond what's possible now.

Grab Yourself A Personal, Free, Genuine Crysis 3 Beta Key Using This Little Trick

Multi-player Beta of much anticipated Crysis 3 first-person shooter game will be starting from 29th January 2013 and here is a little trick to get your FREE CRYSIS 3 BETA KEY now. The third sequel of this popular game franchise comes with a lot of new exciting elements to enhance the gameplay including a refined image quality system for awesome graphics.

Crysis 3

Microsoft Wants To SuperSize Your XBOX Gaming Screen.....And They Need Your Full Room For That !!!!

A Microsoft research team is working on a concept which will take your gaming experience to a whole new level, christened "IllumiRoom" the now live proof-of-concept augments the area surrounding your television with projected visualizations to enhance the traditional living room entertainment experience. A Kinect scans the shape of the room which is then used by Illumiroom for 3-D projection to paint surroundings with images. Have a look at the ROOM sized gaming screen demonstration using this technology.

Pee Powered Games - New Age Urinal Allows Male Users Play Interactive Video Games Controlled By Peeing

Gaming is everywhere be it your computer, laptop, TV, cellphones or tablet but now they have a new address - inside man urinals. Captive Media is the world’s first retrofit, networked washroom gaming system with an innovative hands-free control - "A users pee".

These "TOYLETS" features an hi-definition screen, fitted at eye level above the urinal, where it commands the full attention of the user. When not in active use, it plays a mixture of adverts and contents which switches automatically to GAMING mode when a user approaches it. The urinal makes use of contactless sensors to detect the position of a man’s stream allowing them to interact with the game. Dont miss the videos below to check these smart urinals in action.

Pee Games

Grab your free legal copy of EA Games Battlefield 1942

Here is a great chance to grab free copies of Battlefield 1942 - the ever popular 2002 World War II-themed FPS game. In celebration of reaching their 10th anniversary, EA games is offering Battlefield 1942 as a free download via Origin service.

Download Free Battlefield 1942
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