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Apple's Asian Suppliers Building A Cheaper 8GB iPhone Rumored To Be Released With iPhone 5

Under some surprising new developments in Apple iPhone 5 rumors, according to latest news company's suppliers in Asian countries has already started manufacturing a lower-priced version of hot-selling iPhone 4 - the new variant is said to have a smaller 8 gigabyte flash drive letting Apple compete with cheaper Google Android phones.

The official announcement of cheaper 8 GB model of the popular iPhone 4 is expected to be made public with release of highly anticipated iPhone 5 this September. The new low-price iPhone (which is also called as iPhone 4S) is rumored to have a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera.

Cheaper Apple iPhone 4 - New 8 GB Model

No official announcement has yet been made by Apple Inc about the rumored new cheaper variant of their current flagship product - iPhone 4 (16 GB and 32 GB), but the expected price should be somewhere near to $200.

Via : Reuters


whats is price of iphone4-8gb and iphone5

Well i can say its might be true,But in China (hongkong) has been known for there incredable knockoff's.
I wouldnt be surprise to see that they have a Apple like knock off store. One way to know is Ebay, Since now all mini tech stuff on ebay are from hongkong seller. I also product tested a micro version of there iphone with 2g connection with duo SIM card open network, supports upto on that model 2gb,4gb,8gb,16gb microSD with internal size to boost. It had a millisec delay on the touchpad and finding a supporting firmware update was ashard as knowing about there iphone knockoff but once updated via itune the touchpad worked flawless and more respondsize with micro stylize. I took my friends verzion and an AT&T SIM and installed both, i can swap network with a touch of an application :) I wouldnt be surprise if the asian version will be able to do the same.

All i can say is asia,china are making company nervous, sooner or later.

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