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Russia Finds Hidden Chips Inside Chinese Electric Iron And Kettles That Scans Wi-Fi To Serve Malware

News reports from Russia's state-owned channel Rossiya 24 showed footage of a technician opening up an iron included in a batch of Chinese imports to find a "spy chip" with "a little microphone" embedded into it. These hidden, embedded electronic chips are scanning and connecting to any computer within a 200m radius with unprotected Wi-Fi networks, once connected these "Trojan devices" were being used to spread viruses.

While the report says that the malware is being used to send SPAM, piggy-banking on infected computer's internet connection and resources without the owner's knowledge about it, our recent story "Hidden Backdoor In Your Internet Router - With Love, From China !!" and the fact that the rogue devices had "an microphone" further establishes the fact that these are or can be used for spying. The researchers also found other products having these rogue components including mobile phones, car dashboard cameras and electric kettles.

Kettle Malware

Via : BBC


I can't believe it.
I think that's the defamation of Chinese manufacturers.

I presume the USA has been doing the same thing with the NSA!!!

Sorry but... the US haven't been putting wireless transmitter that infect your computers in the stuff you buy... not to mention they hardly manufacture anything to begin with so that rules such things out. There's a difference between eavesdropping on phone calls / reading your emails and actually going as far as infecting your computers with viruses and such from common household devices you wouldn't expect to have such "feature". Honestly I'd rather the NSA have my information than some unknown Chinese firm who could potentially empty my bank account and what not.

I imagine the USA has been doing the same thing with the NSA for a long time now!!!

Not only USA but every country does spying - not only with enemy states but friendlies too and China is no exception, it's job of the other country to make sure this does not happen.

Spreading of VIrus through Trojans and that too in Chinese Manufactured items is quite shocking. Chinese goods are inexpensive, hence easily available in each and every home and all are not aware if a chip is installed in any electronic component for transferring virus or is it a component of the chinese product. This is called using of Technology in a Negative Way.

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