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Free One Year Accounts For Allanonymity IPHider Supporting Multi-country IP Masking

This place seems to be one of the best place to get a free VPN account as evident from the amount of VPN service reviews and free account giveaways in the past, the great news is we today have another giveaway of popular proxy based anonymity solution IP Hider and that too with full one year validity. IP Hider is as simple to use as it can get - simply launch the utility, select the premium proxy you want to mask your IP with and start surfing anonymously right-away.

IP Hider Software

To further enhance the privacy the utility also provide features to clean user surfing tracks like Internet History,Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Auto Complete Forms History etc. and even block privacy invasive technologies like Active-X and Javascript. A complete round-up of features is available at AllAnonymity website.

IP Hider In Action
IP Hider Software
IP Hider Software
IP Hider Software
IP Hider Software
IP Hider Software

We have been provided with 20 free one-year accounts for the giveaway, to participate simply comment below (with your email id's in correct field, not in comment body) why you need this anonymity service and we will pick the best twenty comments as winners for the free IP Hider serial numbers. A free 3 day limited trial is also available for everyone, to start simply download and install the utility from here.


Just when I thought, it couldn't get any better, here is one deal (free giveaway) again.

I've been trying various other alternate solutions now and then, but wasn't satisfied much. Will be interesting to use IPHider this time.

Thanks in advance.

i'd love to win this giveaway !
IP Hider seems like a good and simple anonymity service
i have a lot of trouble watching broadcasts from American sites...
i always get a "this broadcast is limited to USA, blah blah blah" notification
so i want IP Hider's help !


I would like to receive one year account because I


Need oneeeee


hey, would be great to get one...

its great. i want one

I missed out on all the other offers....

This is one must have for every girl of 21st century. Well i need this because today's communication isn't secure these days being as a girl i am always a bit scared about my very personal data stored in my systems & it becomes even more on high when you have a static IP & you have to communicate around internet on forums & social sites which records your IP & any next door idiot can try to expose your data by using your Static IP... it would be really helpful if i get one from here...

i badly need this service for voip, and for accessing blocked URLs...
so pls send me 1 invite..

Hi, it's a good software. I use it as a trial version before. I used to watch some of the movies on the US website.
Because the website is only allowed for US resident.
I hope that i can have chance to get the 1 year free account.
I'm appreciate if i can get it.

I need this because I am always on the move during the day and need internet access. Therefore I normally connect to any available networks and using this service would allow me to have more security and privacy while online via public wifi networks. I would really appreciate have an account.

Please enter me in this giveaway promo ... I want to try this kind of software for an extended period without asking it from the developers themselves. Thanks so very much!


I need this account as I am always concerned about my privacy online and also I am unable to access some websites due to my location. So I wanted this service so that I could mask my IP address and could surf those websites that blocked my location earlier.

Please give me a account so that I can surf the web with ease.

Thanks for listening and waiting for an early reply.
Yours faithfully
Twinkle Arora

I need this ! Aaah ! I dunno how to comment nicely :D

This looks like a great way to hide your ip!

I am a student at the University of Arkansas in Pine BLuff and they have blocked torrent and http downloading. So, I need this software to download other software for students. This school has very poor finacial aid. For example, there are 900 students waiting in line everyday. The state has denied me of a scholarship promised to all freshman do to lack of funds so I do not have money to buy programs

I'm the first to comment! I go to a technical school which has internet blocks. It is really hard to research customers computer problems when half of the internet is restricted. I could really use this VPN.


current need for security and comfort while browsing on the Internet is a necessity, can be done many ways but the easiest and safe way is to use this software, please count me in


thanks, i would like a chance to win this, mainly i would like this to watch bbc tv shows online, mainly Dr. Who

The Web is my freedom and i also will be free in Future, so the anonymity service is a good choice.
Sorry my english is not the best!

the freesurfer

Count me in please...Thanks...

Hello I'm from Brazil I'm big fan of your site I walk him every day and would like an account from Ip Hide.


Thank you very much for this opportunity. I need this service to be able to access software promotions for different countries, because I can not fin those promotions at my country. Thanks a lot.

Although I would very much rather purchase my own software, I became disabled a couple of years, as a result of work-related injury. And as is often the case, my employer has successfully prevented me from receiving any kind of compensation for quite some time. I do not know how long this status quo will continue. In any event, I can no longer afford many of life's necessities, including anonymous software, such as the excellent IP Hider. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

Ahnoni Moss

can I have the free account please :) thnx

I would love to win this so I can further increase my privacy and so people won't know where I really come from so they can't get any useful information from me.

I'm the Lion in this pic... so please pick me! :D

I'd like to have this because I want my privacy to be safe and stay anonymous with a better feeling on the internet.

in many fourm and site they have restriction on the ip, they allow only their country ip only so this would help me a lot in gaining access to those site and download from their site so please count me in the draw

I just want to prevent someone always want to hack my PC.

Hiding IP is like wearing cloth on our body.
Just my 2 cent. Without VPN, all our information are free to grap by some third parties.

Nice...I've been browsing chatrooms and got hacked i would like to hide my ip...looking forward to it. :)

My work has started blocking most sites.. I would like to try and see if this will work to get around the proxy they have running.

Thanks so much for this Great Giveaway.
i live in the country with very high level of internet censorship.for passing these limitations,i need vpn services.i hope be a winner.
Best Regards,

Interesting but... only for windows?

never use VPN before and would like to try especially I do lot of things online such as shopping etc
I cannot access some website because of my country block it or my country is not allowed to access and its really frustating when you need to download something important for your work or open website to gather information

hope I can get one
participated in previous giveaways but miss the chance so far >.<

Anonymity....what a great word! It means privacy...freedom from snoopers, release from hackers who feel free to break into my email service and send fake emails from me out to my contacts. An end to bureaucrats at my ISP watching to see what websites i'm visiting....watching the traffic on my means the realization of the American dream on my home computer!!

Anonymity is important because
1) To Watch movies, download, complete offers in other country
2) To stay safe of the IP Hackers
3) To maintain online privacy.

I'm sure these reasons are enough for the need of anonymity.


I would like to have it as block some of the music video I would like to watch. Tq.

For a long time it's been important to protect our identity from online scammers and fraudsters. What makes things even more important is that national governments in the so called free west are increasingly attacking our privacy and threatening net neutrality. This means that anonymity tools like Free IP Hider should be a standard part of every surfer's toolkit. One other reason for trying to get free entrance to a paid account is that there are so many VPN services available now and it is a great help to be able to try different services in real life conditions before settling for the service which suits us best

Reason why i want this serial, is because i never tried any of the past vpn accounts you used to give away ... so first time lucky maybe?
Well it would be awesome if i could have on of the serials, if not then I guess congrats to the lucky ones :)


i'm interested to win because i'd like to view content without giving my real IP to avoid ip blocking webservice ;)

I want to participate to the giveaway,


IP Hider is realy good i tired three day trail and hope to win 1 year subscribtion account .


i need it because i live in iran the place where if you want to go to the internet site such as facebook you need a vpn and proxy
thanks a lot for your site

Why i need this anonymity service?

Coz im AnonymousSuperCoolDude? :d


I would love to get this! I live in China and EVERYTHING is blocked! No Facebook, Twitter, Hulu; I mean nothing! I need this just to download decent TV shows from home.

Help a guy out.


I am impressed by the vpn speed and service of IP Hider. They are simply superb. I haven’t had even single down time with IP Hider. The connection is very stable and they keep adding new servers.

have access to voip software and use them securely because they are blocked in the country i live in.

This is such a wonderful tool, as internet usage is blocked from our proxy server and there are certain sites that i need to access but cant. with this tool it will allow me to browse to my hearts content as well as getting the information and stuff i need. i cant even stream anything at the moment as its always being filtered. could you please provide me with a free serial. i would much appreciate it. thanks again you're the best.



coz it's a must tool for a geek like me.

I need a license key of this service to be able to access Pandora. I need an US proxy.

Hope I get a free account and that it works as well as advertised.

wow i would love to have this app i have tried other VPN service b4 but non worked and some had viruses i hope this works, i need it very badly :)

Great Utility, hope to have one :-).

I have 2 friends who call themselves "hackers".
They are pretty good and they can track me down easily if I try messing with their computers. So a tool like that would make me seem so much better. ;) I just hope they haven't subscribed for this too :P


I'm in China and suffers from the site blocking here.

I've been using several VPNs but could not feel any comfort.

There're many defects in the VPNs, mainly the lack of several IPs for different areas.

I've been desired a service to my needs and IPHiders seems like to fit my best.

I'd be very thankful if you choose me in 20 lucky winners.

Best Regards.


I want to try, because I can't access to Fb without it :D

Love Testing new software and if it's good, suggesting it to friends and co-horts.

thnx 2 megaleecher staff 4 giving d free accounts....this is helpful 4 people who dont have enough money to purchase like i would like 2 have an account...

I wish I could have this trial offer, because iam very keen to know what is happening around the world.

i want :

Need to access America only websites like Hulu....

i'd like to try it!

Hi there!
I will start like this: I live in Iran. In my country there is unbelievable censorship; for example a few weeks ago some "rebels!" started writing down their opinion about my country on their facebook wall, and guess what? nobody can access facebook from inside my country anymore!

There is also a very "smart!" filtering program written by government. it filters sites with most link to already filtered sites so as to "smartly" filter related sites. and guess what? google has linkes to every site! (yeah google was filtered for some time before they eventually found out about this stupid mistake)

yeah. some people in some countries need VPN to check their Email... to share their opinion with their friends and to use search engines !!!

hey i need this software as squidoo has blocked the ip range of our area,and i cannot make new lens. This is unfair coz if a spammer operates thru this ip range , the whole range is blocked by squidoo

i want to win one :d


I need this to access some useful documentary video's in some sites like &
Will appreciate if you choose me a winner.

Yours hopefully,

When it comes to a maximum security then antivirus/antimalwares are not always the best winners so hidding ip and surfing in secure becomes necessary. Ip Hider has a good vpn speed, plus large variety of proxies and list get updates. the option select the proxy from the map gives a good view on the location so browsing speed can be enhanced. •Blocks ActiveX and •Blocks JavaScript so that to have a clean windows. No technical mind is needed to set the proxie on its own just trust IPHider.

I love to have one to surf some countries' restricted site such as ESPN TV, Hulu …..
thank mate

plz send me free account details...


Freedom to read, Who is the truth?

"Reporters Without Borders also condemns the government’s censorship of the Internet. More than 50,000 websites and web pages are currently blocked in Thailand. The latest to join the list is Asia Sentinel (, an independent news website that is apparently being punished for posting a long and detailed series of analyses of the political situation since the 2006 military coup." ......

"The Ministry of Information and Information Technology has requested an allocation of 50 million baht (more than 1 million euros) for 2011 to fund its Internet censorship and surveillance activities. An official recently claimed that the authorities were blocking more than 150 websites a day for alleged hostility towards the monarchy."...

Some part of articles from: FACT – Freedom Against Censorship Thailand

and now lots of website can read this sentence.

An access to such information has been temporarily ceased
due to the order of the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES)
under the authority of emergency decree B.E 2548 (A.D. 2005).

for this reason, thought it would be very useful to use hide IP.

I'm in Canada and I would like to get a google voice account plus look at some of the US sites that are not available in Canada.


I like this software.It is very interesting !

I perform computer crime investigations such as email tracing, social network analysis, & Internet footprinting -- but more importantly I perform Internet Predator tracking and cornering sexual predators of children who are still running free so as to learn their location for law enforcement.

Right now I'm running Tor, but I'd sure like to try the Allanonymity IPHider because of it's ease of use you illustrated above. I am curious though why I haven't heard of this "specific" piece of software. -- Thanks!

Thanks a lot Megaleecher team for this awesome giveaway...

I use to download rapidshare & other File hosting site files which limits it based on IP addresses..
Proxy Address will help in to get free giveaways,which some works if User has respective country IP 's....

I wish to be one of the 20 lucky winners of this one-year accounts for the giveaway ree IP Hider serial numbers. This because this is te kind of program I need because the greedy wolf never has enough. This program gives a lot of possibility like blocking of invasive codes and a great amount of clearing possibility.

To know how good IP Hider service you need test it's yourself with many country to choose from. Anonymous surf with IP Hider for secure better security surfing, that why we need to use IP Hider.

that is my e-mail

its cool. thanks

Would like to try your product.

Being in a college and working on a college network couldn't have a bigger downside: my college network tracks and logs every single page that I (or any person using the college network) have opened and tries to use it to ensure students don't use any sites other than a few mail and news sites. This is understandably in gross violation to my basic privacy. It would mean a world to me if I get this giveaway so that I can browse in peace in the future :)

Thanks for the giveaway

Thanks in advance. I would like to have one free license. Megaleecher is very good site as it provides latest information .

I like this utility the most because it also keep hackers away from my system . Thanks to the developers.

Because I surf the net looking for free hack software so that I can penetrate preditors and other hacks scamming people and I do not want any




I think you are doing a great job here. As I am always on the road, and surfing the net at various wifi hotspots. As for protection against privacy, I used softwall firewall which I think is the least I should have. But it is better to have point to point encrypted tunnel. So, that packets sending over the internet is not being monitored by hackers. A free VPN service will go a long way in terms of security benefit. IP hider looks a bit complicated to set up, but I am willing to try and give it a go and see the benefit. If the speed is stable and fast, I will consider of buying the service when the 1 year free account has finished.

Thank you.


i really need this IP hider, i was playing a game and was useing the forum of the game...
but now my IP is banned :S and i would really like to continue whit the game...
and + this is the coolest softver ever :D if i had money i would buy it but i'm poor :S
so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give 1 acc to me :)

You guys are super cool
I wrilli need an IPHider, i live out of Usa and i like to watch the new serals very much
I dont know this progasm , but i like to know well, and maby if i like it in te futue i will bay it...thanks your this oportunity

Please count me tint. I want to purchase this to secure my self with best service.

would love to win

Well, my reason is surprisingly simple: to access :D I can't access them here in my country, see?
I've been using hidemyass and ninjacloak for months but they perform unreasonably slow. :P

I do use it on other USA only sites too.

Pros: hides ip as described with a choice of various countries, even seems to work in chrome - though i think chrome is sleazy as it still knows your browser and can recognize you through your browsing history

Cons: small choice of ip's on the list - cannot get autochange or time set autochange - though it is great compared to others that i have tried

summary: from my experience - a great program for ensuring privacy and it fulfills its objectives for which it is defined.
so i will be lucky if get one.

Thanks MegaLeecher for such nice site.
I hope to get one of 20 free accounts.
Keep doing us clever and more familiar with computer!

I have never been a believer in the 'power' of VPN.I read about it but can not say categorically that I have been fortunate enough to experiene it in all its glory first hand.....I made a number of posts in different websites that promised same and heard nothing from them......perhaps this would provide me the opportunity to experience this first hand.

best rgds

I need anonymity to safeguard my pc from hackers, & dangers of Internet.
Internet was designed to be accessed by any person, but sometimes government bans certain site. Using IP hiding software enable to view that site.

This is by far one of the best products in the market. I really hope I get 1 year free account, so that I can recommend this to my friends.

Am really interested in using this one..

my email

it's not like I'm a /b/ fella taking down those silly anti-copyright law places with DDOS attacks nor an avid child porn distributor but, it's always pleasant to know your identity isn't present to certain areas of the internet that have a tendency to put a finger on the map of your location causing much harm to your actual physical being.

hello, megalecher, wooo i cant believe your making all of these work just for the fallowers of these channel, and i think is pretty awesome. cause we are always more fallowers, i have been in these web page for years and i think its a really good support for those who want to learn more about softwares and computers, i haved learned alot from these web page, i hope you guys keep it like that, and thanks for yours support every day. and of course if you can give me that free key for hide ip adress it would be really nice. i always try to learn something new and it has always been from these circle of smart people. thank you, and all of you guys have a great day.:D

hello.I am an student and also involved in few projects of astrophysics ,computer,graph theory and internet development.
for last 8 months I am working on computer simulation and I have found out that there is always a potential threat to someone researching really deep into the matter(points which are uncommon and cannot be easily found everywhere)are being stored in different sites...which are not always secure.moreover the other topics i mentioned always make u look to different sections of the world of internet which make u viable for attacks.For the security of the projects and effort put behind for the sake of knowing...need a ip hider by which....we can get a bit more edge in working with the matters..of-course keeping it in mind that we will not misuse the service.

hi i hope... i win
i need thid ip hider

I really need IPHider because of my location. Some of the site are restricted that I need to have an access.

Thank you for the giveaway!

I would love this program so I can watch videos on Hulu and American sites while I am away from home without cable in Canada.

Would be lovely, so many things are limited here in Canada.

I need it for dowloading puposes, i m a free freak and free users normally have to wait after one download... :(

tnx megaleecher !

hi,i want the serial because i need to make a new account on a fps game cus i keep getting banned and it 1 account each IP :'( so thats my reason xD

very good sofware

i want to be able to use voip software to call my parent but the telecommunication company block them.

Megaleecher is amazing, I am seriously searching for a site like this. I think I'm finally home.

What more could you want? Great and frequent updates, all accurate and extremely useful information. Exclusive giveaways, free content, the latest gadgets and hacks, and tutorials, it's all you need in a jam-packed website of goodies.

Instantly bookmarked.

I need this service just to keep my nosy boss away from my private stuff.
Also some services like 'lastfm' are available only for specific country residents.

I need this because my local library is insane on it's internet censorship, and the free proxies it doesn't block, very very few, don't really work. Also I can't download from sites like BrotherSoft because they think it's a pay to surf site. -Thanks.

Since I live in a country which blocks facebook, youtube, ebay, wikipedia... the list goes on!!! I always need a VPN connection because if I escaped my country block policy I ran into the U.S. embargo thingy, which closes the rest of the internet for me... paypal, google code, 2checkout etc...
That's why I can't live without a VPN!
I hope this IPHider software is as good as my current VPN which is 2 weeks away from renewing...
I know it's too late and I might not win this but my fingers are crossed :P
Thanks guys for this kind giveaway.

Great to know about this new utility. I also learned that this new utility will be able to block privacy related active-X and javascript, that is the features that I was looking for. Hope I will get the free account to try out soon :) Thanks!


oh, it's on time. IP hider help me do many things, up now, i'm looking for its license, i hope i'm lucky

LOL if u send me serial key!

I am from sri lanka. A nice beautiful country in south Asia. Unfortunately when browsing the the web there are lot of things I wanna see yet they are limited to USA or UK or something. This is usually true for t shows and sporting videos. so I think this will help me with this.

This is a great news. I like IP Hider that help me when browsing.

I really need one because im a hardcore fan of MJ and i have no access to official MJ channel in youtube, also i can't access some sites from my country. hope i will win one...

Need to bypass the site to watch hulu.

If you don't give it i will have to hack it from u !!!!!

Dear friends, I part of the minority that lives in my country. Changes expected to occur have not yet reached its end. That to me is imperative to use programs that tip.Vse still forces that monitor the reactions of people and restrict personal freedoms.
I would appreciate if you get by on much freedom!
Thank you and success!

Thank you megaleecher !!!


Oh, i think i can always find intereting things here.As u know, VPN is important for someone who want to get information from internet while there is firewall block it! So with multi-country IP proxy I think it is more difficult to do that.
I wish I have the good luck.

Cool.. Good luck to all visitors !!

My work requires finding documents & ebook. But all documents I want are hosted on some file storing services that restrict free users like me to download, especially users from my country. So I think IPHelper is the ultimate solution to bypass the limit & get my work easier.

well, as describe, this one is really good, very easy to use, a lot of option to choose location,interface looks very friendly to use, well i've been reading alot of softwares blogs, and everybody has alot of offers and hints on how to get free license softwares,links need to go proxy websites, this one will help alot, wish i'll win one key ,really great offer, thanks alot.....

Hi I am a MBA Fresher Interested in Recruitment.

This will help me to by pass the country restriction and will help me to do some on-line certification program from US which will be so very helpful for my carrier so I can help so many by a perfect recruiter

I always missed the free giveaway. I hope this time I'll get it..Thanks for the updates and latest news.

I am always surfing for free items due to being on a very limited Social Security budget, and this will help when you go to sites that only allow you to download an item every so often. Thank You!

i need one too

Hi, I hope I have a chance! Thank you

well now there is something id love to get my hands on.

i'd love to win this giveaway !
IP Hider seems like a good and simple anonymity service
i have a lot of trouble with chat programs in my place and i couldnt get contacte with my family
most of the voice chat programs like yahoo ,msn.oovoo,skybe
are blocked from our provider.
we cant get contacted with our family
only the way is true phone calls which is cost so much

so i want IP Hider's help !


Give me that 1-year key & you'll grow by the "inches"
Give it to others & watch it shrink every year :)

I can really use one of the accounts as multiple sites that I’d love to frequent have country based restrictions. Also, the Google Voice and call feature would be an awesome addition for me. I hope I’ll get the serial.

Thank's for this opportunity to win one liense.
I've been trying various other alternate solutions now and then, but wasn't satisfied much. Will be interesting to use IPHider this time.
I'd love to win this giveaway !


east or west megaleecher is the best!! :P

I really want to IPHider because of my place. I move many cities and countries, but some of the site are restricted by services or PC's access.

Thank you for the good giveaway!

but...i don't want it :)

l would like to try it to :)

i want one

Please i need serial number as when i go to uae with laptop i cant access due to ban.
Please help me

i want one plz

Awesome just don't know what to say, speechless astonish if I got one I will be blow away thank megaleech staff.


I downloaded and used this trial version
amazing,...i really need of this...
thanks megaleecher for this giveaway..

I really need this program because I'm a total fan om and I've not won anything yet, I also need this because, I need to use VPN right now and it is useful for me because I'm more much of a hacker / network tweaker, so I hope I win.

I won a licence...
Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much in winning IP Hider. Its really a great programs and I really need it.

Congratulation and thank you to Megaleecher and to other winners..

I get one license key IP Hider and I've tried, really fun to surf safely and comfortably, thank you very much

Hey thanks megaleech and ip hider its not everyday that u get things for free if ever GR8 one

got the license
thanks for this giveaway

will check out the proggie asap...

plz send me license to my email address.

Hi, i have received the Key for the IP-HIDER. Thank You very very very much Megaleecher & IP-HIDER for this wonderful & very useful tool.

sme websites are blocked in my country.....nd i need access to tese pages sooo please give a key.....

let me have one please
Thank you


so please send me the liscence

What all expected, and All I got it in one, Thats calles All in One "AllAnonymity - ip hider". Thats the BEST.

Awww i just tried it and it works like magic ....then after the three days i have been trying to purchase the log in but am having difficulties ... can any body help me ..
you can send any idea to and i will be very glad to have your mail thank you ,,, Joe


I need this account as I am always concerned about my privacy online and also I am unable to access some websites due to my location. So I wanted this service so that I could mask my IP address and could surf those websites that blocked my location earlier.

Please give me a account so that I can surf the web with ease.

Thanks for listening and waiting for an early reply.

Is there a way for OS X?
I never find OS X software. But sure there is a way to use any VPN account with your mac.
Use your system for a new connection via VPN.

All you need is a f r e e account


I really need a free account for some testing purposes and would really appreciate an account.


I really need your promotional IP hider. Cuz I cann't get ip hiders here in africa even if I want to buy. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee I really need it.

Has the 20 been won yet if not count me in if so can't wait to try the trial :)

This is an opportunity I've been searching for,if the give away is still on, count me in.............

1- First of all, You are big company,you are so kind to donate to us this gift
2- Oneday I've downloaded your trial software and actually I found it more reiable effective, and strong program.
3- the most important reason for me regarding using you best software is :
3-1 I do not know where is the problems, because these days we can't browse many website
3-2 may be our ISP, or Government prohibit browsing some web sites all the time , some other website was restricted for a definit perods along the day.
4- Finally I like using your software for many reasons: efficiency, safety , ..... power anonymity, and more

Be always the best,
Be always the Better supporting
be always the most kindly Dealer

Thank you
Reda Keshk

Please email me serial number of IP Hider

Hi i would love to teceive the Ip hider also please thanks

Internet security should be in the front of every ones mind. If you are travelling any where and using your laptop or mobile device then you need to use a VPN to protect your information and identity.

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