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Bypass Call Center Phone Menus And Navigate To Your Option Of Choice With A Single Click Using Fonolo

fonoloLike everybody else if you also hate to listen and navigate through those support center phone menus, free service fonolo would be the perfect solution for fast and easy navigation through frustrating call center menus, currently under BETA fonolo allows users to select the desired calling destination of a company's touch-tone navigation menus visually and automatically dial, navigate and then dial your phone connecting to the right spot in the menu when answered.

How to use

Deep Dialing via VOIP

The service is available to users of all countries, but only USA and Canada numbers are supported for now, call recording is also disabled during beta and not all companies are listed as of yet, when fully developed the service will allow users to bookmark individual branch-locations from a menu for single-click fast dialing, here is a short video demo of the service.

All in all the service seems promising and its future seems bright.


I can only hope that this supports India soon, so I can get hold of those SOB Airtel support executives asap.

I gotta try this sometime. I heard if you hit 0 you get taken to an operator, but now they're wise to that so they don't have 0 as an option anymore.

Supposedly if you swear like say "F**K" at the main IVR screen there are filters that will automatically send you to an operator because they think you're fed up or stressed with the menu system.

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