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How To Disable Annoying Vodafone Flash Messages

vodafone logoWhile mobile Flash messages can be fun and are mainly used by network operators to send across important alerts - unethical practices used by network operators like Vodafone India where a user is bombarded with these flash messages is not only annoying, drains phone battery but the users is also charged Rs. 3/- when they mistakenly click "OK" to dismiss the alert message (the real motive behind bugging users with these unnecessary alerts). This is no less than stealing money as nor the subscriber opted for these messages and neither they are being told about the charges associated with these, luckily this can be deactivated as demonstrated below.

annoying Vodafone flash alert

Deactivating flash alert messages (these instructions are specific to 'Vodafone' users but the process would be similar for other carriers as well) :

  1. Launch 'Vodafone Services' from your phone menu.
  2. vodafone services menu

  3. Select 'Flash'.
  4. Vodafone Flash

  5. Select 'Deactivate'.
  6. Vodafone Flash Deactivation Option

  7. Your request will be confirmed and flash messages will be deactivated.
  8. Flash alert deactivation confirmation

If you want to stop unwanted promotional regular text messages and calls than simply opt for "Do Not Call" registry registration by sending a text-message with "START DND" to 1909 (Note: This won't deactivate flash message and you will need to follow the procedure demonstrated above to get that done).


thanks..for this help

Thank you so much for this detailed help.

Thank you so much for this detailed help.

Great info for the voda crowd, thanks so much.

Anyone know how to disable iPhone 3g network flash message cuz it's so annoying sometimes!
Plz help!!!

Thank you very much for the tutorial or walk through. Now, am able to turn off the stupid, dumb, annoying vodafone flash messages.

i just cant say how much this helped me man! i was unable to tolerate their torture and i'm unable to call customer service also to report the problem! but u saved my ass by showing me the hidden gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u so much dude.... this voda crap was bugging me soooooo much...

After I switch off and on my smartphone I get a message from Vodafone services saying 'refresh text' for every 1 minute for 2 to 3 days and when I give ok, my network goes off for a minute. Any solution to this problem ah?please let my know..

Thanks. It worked like a charm.


Thkx a lot yaar. This vodafone crap MF annoying shit finally stopped ..

Thank u


i was searching for PUSH messege settings...its actully flash masseges settings.. thank you ..

Thanks a lot for the info! This was really helpful as the Vodafone number belonged to my mom and she had no clue about what's happening to her phone. Voda seems to thrive by preying on such clueless users.

Thanks a lot..Finally I'm able to get rid of Vodafone flash messages. These fu*****g bunch are really after our hard-earned money.


Try this app .. USSD Box on play store ... it blocks all the popup messages

I am upset with Vodafone for promoting this type cheap business. It's really bad. This information is very helpful. I am waiting to see the outcome

I phone user can go to settings-phone-sim application- flashes then just deactivate

Please help me to stop vodafone flash alert MOTO E3 power step
Thanks in advance..........!

Thanks a lot. It finally worked. It was so annoying and unbearable. Didn't know how to stop it for a long time. Thanks for your help

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