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Cota : Wireless Electricity Transfer Is A Reality Now...

We have seen Wireless charging solutions like Palm Pre Touchstone and eCoupled, both of which requires devices (power provider and the device being charged) to be in physical contact with each other to transfer electricity which is not exactly the picture which comes to one's mind when hearing the term "Wireless Charging".

Cota is the name of brand new revolutionary technology which will deliver the expected behaviour of a real "wireless charging" solution, Cota can transmit electricity wirelessly at up to 30 feets and that to focussed at a particular device using radiation safe as WiFi signals. The Cota technology consists of a charger and a receiver, the inherently safe technology can deliver wireless electrical power up to from a central transmitter to multiple devices. Receivers will be built into devices or batteries which will get automatically charged, imagine the utility where you can simply buy a Cota enabled standard battery, inset into your device and forget getting bugged about charging/replacing them. Do watch the video demonstration shared below to see this in action.


Nicola Tesla had this once upon a time we will see how this company is going to be destroyed like they did with Tesla by a major corporation that has billions of money to disable this once it gets out,and BVAAAM another technology has been suppressed and kept from us like they did to Tesla,this was supposed to be donea long time ago.
Just want to say I am happy this is finally here but I will say this to you this will not be permitted to go into production......

You do know that tesla got a light bulb to more or less glow at about a mile with his wireless transfer of electricity. However it is very inefficient as it takes a lot power to produce the radio waves (pick what you want) and then capture them on the receiving end and convert them back into electricity to charge whatever. There is energy loss at every step in the system and for every device added to the receiving end. That's just reality. Its also why hydroelectric is so attractive. minimal energy loss in the process of conversion from one form to another. Tesla's ideas are attractive but real research covering things he didn't fully understand proves that his proposed idea would have worked but been totally efficient and would have required many more generation stations than he thought would be required just for starters. Plus people use more electricity per person then they did in the turn of the century.

The ideas of our friend Tesla, finally here. Curious what the next century brings us... Thanx for sharing!

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