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Wi-Fi Sync App Rejected By Apple, Now Available For Download On Cydia

Promising iPhone application Wi-Fi Sync which allows users to synchronize their iPhone / iPod Touch with iTunes wirelessly has been rejected from iTunes Store citing security concerns and usage of low-level OS calls, the developer has released the application on alternative store Cydia and is available for immediate download by paying $9.99.

Wi-Fi Sync For Apple iPhone On Cydia

To get it working you need to run free Wi-Fi Sync application on your Mac OS X (Windows version will be available soon) and your iDevice will appear in iTunes as an connected device just like it does when connected via USB.

Wi-Fi Sync For Apple iPhone


This is a paid app right ?

Correct, it's a paid app. Of course, there are Cydia repos with "cracked" versions, just Google and I'm sure you'll find them (hint: one of the biggest has an X as the first letter.)

Waiting on the Windows version - I might even buy it and not use the cracked version if it works as well as it appears to! ;)

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