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Dragon Go! For Android : Virtual Voice Assistant From Nuance - The Developers Of Siri

While Google is paving it's way to offer a competitive virtual voice assistant to Apple's "Siri", the current Siri Alternative solution's on Android platform are not very exciting. Thankfully, under some new exciting development "Nuance Communications" - the team behind technology powering Siri, have released a similar application for Android.

Dragon Go! features the tested and dependable, Nuance voice-recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology allowing users to get direct access to 200+ of the most recognized destinations on the Mobile Web today spanning mobile entertainment and streaming media, social networking, shopping, and every other online content need imaginable simply by using their voice.

Dragon Go

Download Dragon Go! For iOS, Android, And BlackBerry (different feature-sets) :


I downloaded Market Enabler, but it wouldn't install, because it only works on rooted phones. So I went to great lengths to root my phone and managed to get it working.

However I was unable to download Dragon Go!, because it wasn't in the Android app list on my phone, so I went to the website to download it, but this required that I was signed into my Android account. So I signed in (my login email is my Gmail account). Once signed in, I was informed that the app was not available in my country!

Snookered I think. Unless you can suggest something else that I may have missed.

Hello just have to use your market enabler app to convert your market to an another country's my case its usa...the you can download this app...

Hi FroYoRt,

I engaged Market Enabler (I have tried using both USA options) before I accessed the Android market on my phone, but Dragon Go did not appear anywhere in the search results.

No, this is not available in search just have to click on the link which is already available in the end of this article..... it will take you to its site...then you can download it...

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