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AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter - Free License Giveaway

Portable Document Format (PDF) has became a common document format for exchanging and transferring files due to it's security features, compact size and compatibility on any computer. With only a free PDF Reader these files can be presented with the original content and format on any system with no exceptions. So when people finish creating files in some document processing tools such as MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, they generally save them as PDF files and transfer them to other people for sharing.

That is why we always come across PDF files. Have you experienced that you need to modify and reuse the content of them in some case? Since PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat are all expensive and overcomplicated to use, it is more skilled and expedient for most of us to edit or reuse PDF files in their original format. So an almighty and competent PDF Converter becomes essential.

Now we are delighted to giveaway 25 licenses of AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter to our readers each worth $59.95 sponsored by AnyBizSoft Studio, a software development company focused on PDF solutions.

Professional PDF Converter

What can AnyBizSoft PDF Converter do for us?

PDF to Word:
Edit the read-only PDF files or reuse the content in editable Word format. Previously we have post a review of Free AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter.
PDF to PowerPoint: Convert PDF files to PowerPoint slides for presentation purpose. Or reuse and quote the valued content of PDF files to create new PPT slides.
PDF to Excel: Convert PDF files generated from Excel files to their original Excel spreadsheet and improve data or calculate them with formula furthermore.
PDF to HTML: Convert PDF to HTML and spread your PDF files quickly via internet.
PDF to Text: Easily extract the text from PDF files and reuse them.

Let us take a look at its straightforward interface:

AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter

Key Features of AnyBizSoft PDF Converter:

  • Support Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Text
  • Preserve original text, tables, images, hyperlinks and layouts after conversion
  • Support encrypted PDF conversion
  • Convert up to 200 PDF files at one time
  • Support multiple languages

Product page link :
Direct download link :

To get a chance to win a free personal copy of "AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter" simply comment below why this product will help you.

UPDATE : The giveaway is now over and winners have been sent the keys, for others they can still enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on 5-in-1 PDF Converter, PDF to PowerPoint Converter, PDF to Excel Converter and PDF Password Remover by simply visiting this page -


nice tools

great software...really i wanted to have/////


Well , am in college and many times we need to create Presentations and other documentations fro the academic n co curricular activities , and the same is prepared by collecting info from internet.

And , personally I face as situation where the docs n info will be in pdf and i need to manually convert the same or to do a snapshot stuff to get them into my ppts and word documents..

This tool will be really handy for me...

So expecting to win this giveaway....


Hello there,

I been following megaleecher since long time. i also have set up this as my homepage.well I am research student persuading degree in life sciences, I need to read many PDF files for my work and also need to use data inside them for writing papers and report.
if i get AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter it will be great help for me so that i can use it to conver pdf files easily and its also help in reducing my time to do copy and paste.
i request you to give this givaway to me :)

kind regards,

I use PDF to Word Converter and it's a great soft.
But to be able to use directly the software that you want (ie: powerpoint, excel, ...) without having to go through Word it's a great. Not having to organize and to reformat your work for making it work in the good soft, thanks.
If you have one license available, i would really like it.
As always, thanks for your offers and discoveries!

I had no knowledge such a tool existed. For a long long time I have been going the long way in either printing out the PDF - re-scanning it to an image file to fill out forms...sometimes taking many screen dumps of PDF files and compiling them together to again image files - then re-editing them in word or paint programs etc
This will make life sooooo much easier if. Would be very grateful for a license.

I am in college and use a tablet pc. Professors put presentations online in PDF - I would like to convert it and be able to "ink" on top of it.

I am a long time fan of Megaleecher and I wanted to enter into the giveaway. My type of work that I do consists with working with PDF files and having to copy and paste them into Word and Excel documents. I feel that I will be more productive and will be able to accomplish more work, because as of know, I'm having to work on my weekends to try to keep up with the load. Thanks for your time and best of luck to everyone else.

There are others around, but I'm particularly interested in this very useful application.

Firstly, it's a giveaway here. If I get to be one of 25 lucky entrants, I'll have a license for free.

I do a lot of job doing what AnyBizSoft's 5-in-1 through various online services. I'm not very fond of to-from PDF conversions hosted by these sites.

From the description alone, I can access every functionality I need by opening just one local program and interface. Needless to say, this would speed up my work immeasurably.

Thank you so very much!

This program would make my life easier in converting documents. I would appreciate a license. Thanks for the offer.

There are others around, but I'm particularly interested in this very useful application.

Firstly, it's being given away in a promo compete, and should I be lucky enough to snag one of 25 free licenses, I wouldn't have to keep on figuring out where to find 60USD to buy one. That's certainly beyond my reach, and obviously this is my only chance.

Secondly, I need loads of to/from PDF conversions all the time and have been mainly doing this by way of various online services. Frankly, I don't feel comfortable sending my materials to such sites.

AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter would enable me to pursue all aspects of the job simply by opening one program and accessing everything from a simple interface. That would speed up my work, and very efficiently!

Thank you so very much for this rare opportunity!

(Hope this doesn't turn out to be a double-post, since my first one did vanish when saved after preview.)

it will very nice to do something efficieny nowadays. I think it'll really helpfull for me if I have a software that can convert pdf to another 5 filetypes. Previously I have got the AnyBizSof PDF to word Converter from this site. so I hope I can win this giveaway..

I got lots of information about the latest technology and useful software from this site.
About AnyBizSoft, previously I've used this software to convert to Word. The software is good and very satisfying, so it would be nice if I get AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter. I can now convert documents to multiple platforms. Hopefully


The most common file is PDF, very often, there are some minor changes required. Therefore of course conversion to some adjustable files would be very helpful. Any chance of winning^^ haha

Thank you.

Great product
need this one
thanks in adv

It makes my daily work dealing with PDF easier. It really lighten up my day and I can now squeeze more of my time for more important tasks than having to worry about how to convert the PDF files.

I frequently get a lot of PDF files at work which i need to extract info from and edit using other formats like Word, Excel etc. This may require me to use several programs to achieve the task. That's why i think that AnyBizSoft PDF Converter is perfect for me as it can handle the formats that i need to work with, thus, saving time and increasing efficiency. I tried the free trial and am pleased with the friendly user interface, quick performance and accurate conversion process. I would like to win a license so that I can disseminate timely and accurate information to my bosses and clients. Thanks for the giveaway!

i have been a regular visitor of ML from the last few years.I would definitely like to have the license.

I really need this software as many a Times there is a need to convert Doc files to pdf and everytime i need to upload the files and then download the Converted so this software will save me a lot time

It will be very useful for me because I work with a large number of PDF files .


I could use this program to convert my pdfs to other formats so i can edit them. Count me in :)

I use AnyBizsoft PDF to Word and other for editing my files. AnyBizsoft is a great product to keep in my machine. It will great if AnyBizsoft is handling all my editing task in my documents including Excel and PTT files. I hope I can get this one.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Before I type these words, I tried many AnyBizSoft softwares about 10 hours.
First of all, all setup sizes are very small and easy to install.
All of the softwares, PDF Converter 2.0.0 is my favorite.
In trial, only 3 pages from each file can be convert.
I wish to win the retail to get the full function in these useful softwares.

I got a lot of files in pdf document which is better to convert it to txt or html file first for easy searching, indexing, etc... Trust me, its took time to do it manually.

It seems like AnyBizSoft PDF Converter comes in handy when confrontation with this type of file. It can convert 5 types of files all together! Wowwww!!!!

I've try AnyBizSoft PDF to word converter and it works great
I hope I'll get this great software

Nice offer, one of the best PDF converter I know
Hope get one this time

I already have AnyBizSoft pdftoword convertor and it is great. It is very accurate and the format is simply a perfect copy most of the time. Right now I have to manually convert my word file to ppt format using office in case I need a presentation. I would love to win a license to this 5 in 1 software so that this process is also automated. Please consider me for the giveaway too.

I am a college student that often deals with pdf documents. One of the most usual thing is converting pdf to other formats, like ppt and word. This program helps me so much because I do not have to rewrite the original pdf file to the desired format.

Je suis intéressé pour obtenir AnyBisoft 5 en 1 Pdf Converter

Would be very useful.

A lot of files now come in PDF format. I have used PDF to Word Converter and find it very useful.
It'll be great to have AnyBizSoft PDF Converter as it gives added flexibility to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or Text formats.
Please count me in. Thanks a lot.

it is very good software . It helps me more .it is convenient to easyly convert pdf to msword excell powerpoint slide show . Thanks a lot

nice software

This kind of thing is good for business.

THX, count me.

pdf files really hogs lot of space if it is large but this software is boon for saving the disk space while converting pdf to word and it also relieved me of headache of extracting words from scanned if i gets this i will be lucky to use it for free!!!!

Thanks .

this is wonderful application for my persaonal use as i use alot
of work in xcel and word
pls kindlty send em the free code

thks &rgds

This software will be really useful. I've always wanted an all round software like this to work with...

A single application that offers great features in pdf conversions. AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter supporting latest Microsoft word thus finds its place on windows 7, Html conversion its just great to fast email sending, or just through it to a small usb key and upload it to another pc for viewing, thanks for this contest.

I think it's a really good tool of converting the documents format that we use in daily life. We are getting opportunity to convert them with just a tool. So, It's cool...

What a wonderful product

This technology empowers our small staff with the ability to save on paper, resources and reduce our carbon footprint!

SAFE have been searching for a best of breed PDF solution. AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter certainly appears to be the answer in our quest for sustainable applications across multiple platforms.

We are a green organic Aquaculture and Aquaponics company that prides and showcases sustainable products reducing the carbon footprint for future generations.

Check out our website for yourself!

just what I've been looking for!

Thanks guys

This is definetely essential for my study..really appreciate if you give me a license.

This software is very useful for annotating technical documents with notes. They can the be easily filed a re-found when needed.

Please let me have a copy of this software.

in my field i do a lot of data and file processing and constantly require a pdf converter
thnks megaleecher and anybizsoft for this great offer

Hi guys, i have used the AnyBizSoft PDF- Word converter & i really like it. I will be very grateful to you if you can give me licence for this AnyBizSoft 5 in 1 converter. Please i really want it.

i have to use many online forms and then print them out for submitting to appropriate centers of examination.

moreover for my college project i need to use few internet materials and at times extract from books which r hard to be used in presentation as most comes in PDF format.

so was looking forward to a solution.and here it is.

This would be the total solution for me with all main correspondence to convert and work with the file. Next to that this program looks like ferry easy to use. The really nice thing is that this program gives me all the different interfaces i really need in main daily life.

AnyBizSoft PDF Converter is comprehensive PDF converter software which helps you easy to convert PDF files to Word, HTML and TEXT in seconds. After PDF conversion to Word and HTML, you can find the original text, layouts, images and hyperlinks exactly retained in the converted Word documents or HTML pages.
Thank you for the new 2.0 giveaway.

It will be useful for my research work.

everyone needs to use the full version software and thats why i need it...
very simple......

I would be grateful to you if you could give me alicence for this AnyBizSoft 5 in 1 converter. Please I really nedd it.

Its a very handy piece of software and would be extremely helpful since i do use a lot of pdf files.
hope to get the license.

From you lead this product, AnyBizSoft PDF, is an obvious product for anyone in todays PDF world. What a great way to be exposed to new and comprehensive solution for a difficult problem of file conversions. I certainly don't know a lot about this product, but would embrace a chance to use it. Thank you for keeping your readers updated.

PDF converter excellent -may luck bring me a free license

Some Win 7 documentation uses the pdf format and with my work of helping others with their Win 7 problems then this program would be a real time-saver.

I want to use this software to convert all my thesis in to different formats that i download from internet.


Good morning,
I am interested by this software of pdf converter for its function of conversion in powerpoint and would like to acquire a free licence.
I thank you for it beforehand.
See you soon

nice software...easy to use..


I Need this software often, 'cause I've needed convert PDF to Word in the past using free tools, but the result was jerky.

If the software was really great as showed above, I'll buy to the company I work for.

Thanks a lot to give a free license to me.


I m a Computer student, so downloading & studying e-books frm internet is a part of my studies. i needed a pdf converter so that i can make my own notes directly to word format for editing. also i need to create presentations for my college assignments.
hence, it's a great tool for me.

I joined as a SMS Solution consultant in SMSCountry and this software would be of great help to me in my career
and this is one awesome software to have as its features are very essential

From time to time I convert PDF files to word or excel using online services. It will be handy to have this convertor. I am sure I will also benefit from other formats such as ppt and HTML.


It is such a fantastic software that no one using a PC can do wthout. Tks PDF for giving us this opportunity

This suite has all functionality i need to work with pdfs.

So i hope to win a license.

Thx for your giveaway.

Been using PDF2Word that is good, but this looks super!

Thank you very much for this great opportunity to get a license to a very useful software. I'm in the field of vocational education and training, so I use excel, word, powerpoint and pdf documents everyday. This application would be really useful to me, for my personel use. I hope I can be one pf the 25 lucky persons. Thanks in advance.

Would like to win

my field i do a lot of data and file processing and constantly require a pdf converter
thnks megaleecher and anybizsoft for this great offer

this will help me cuz of school project and other things i need for online classes

I downloaded and install this software but while doing the convention its asking the Licensed Email : and Registration code :
Pls help me to get the Email and Code

Mail ID :


One must have this software, great help for students and professionals.
hope to win it :o)

Hi ,
thanks for this nice giveaway .
I think this software will be great helpful to me in doing my school and project works .i had to deal with PDF to Word ,HTML, Text conversions regularly .this software preserves images , layout and hyperlinks .Thats a great feature to me , since i had to covert many pdf e books and IEEE journals for my work .
Please include me also in this offer .

I have been using AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter(thanks to you) for a while and really appreciate it's simplicity.Having more options at my disposal would be really nice.
For example, I have a few PDF documents which I would like to upload to a site after converting them to "html" . Accomplishing this task through this software would be a breeze.So definitely count me in for the giveaway.

Very helpful to convert PDF files to another formats

Great offer, AnyBizSoft - This is exactly what I have been looking for !! I'm retired and the purchase price is beyond my means, so I hope I'm one of the lucky ones!

i am dealing alot with data ... so it will be very helpful to have this kind of software .... as data are also saved in PDF formats ...

i need this software. i hope i win. thank you

PDF files are a pain in the butt; There useless unless they can be altered or converted so AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter would be a great help.

Thanks for the chance of winning one of the AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter software.

wow...fantastic.. i like this soft...good job!!!

on daily basic, my work involve a lot of PDF file, many of them get useful information that I would like to convert into editable format such as word,excel, and PowerPoint

Thank you and please count me in!

I'm VietNamese. I do'nt know it support VietNamses yet.


good one need this
thx in adv

I have already download anyBisoft5-in-1PDF converter. But I have no license key. Please give me at my eamil address.

I am dealing a lot of pdf files with some datas.
This utility is exactly what I have been looking for.
It will be very helpful for my work.
Please help me take a license key.
I really need it.
Thank you very much.

Hopefully it will be sent to my address, i guess, i need it very much

Thanks for this giveaway and please count me in!

Pls send me the Email ID and code
my id :

Its very easy to use. and more simple than ABBY Fine Reader.
i really want it...........

i am in much need of a converter , this has a very good bunch of features i really hope to win alicense so please please consider me and let me win

Hello friends!
I have many documents in PDF format, and frequentily I have to convert them in many formats.
I believe that this program will be very usefull.
So, if is possible, I like to have a license too.
Thanks very much for this chance!


Thanks for bringing this giveaway for us.

I wish luck to all the participants.

I'm in testing field (as profession) and my work involves lots of pdfs. There are many cases where a pdf requires some modification here or there, and it takes a lot of effort if a word for the same is not available.

This 5-in-1 converter would be very useful for me in converting my pdfs to Word, HTML, Text & others. In this way I'll be able to save considerable time & effort and will still get quality results.

Also I have subscribed to your blog and I'm floowing on Twitter.

Thanks again,

Hello Megaleecher,

AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 Converter is a excellent tool for converting my project reference PDF's from Internet to word and excel,which I use most of the time for quick presentation.

Since most Files are in PDF format AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 Converter will be handy for me come any day.

Thank you for this truly utilizing tool for giveaway.


Coz it is one of the best product of its kind. Worth a lot for making and editing reports and presentations.

I'm using office 2010 and continually need to move / change data in PDF's. This would be great for me.

Thanks for the giveaway. I need this sir For my project.

Thanks for the giveaway. I need this

Thnx For the Giveaway. I need this for my Project

Hey dude I want this one actually I need it in my company so if could do just give me.

Great to have it for personal document work!

it's a great soft. Thk

amei o programa. vai me ajudar e muito no meu dia a dia


Count me in! Thanks VG and AnyBizSoft. That is so generous of AnyBizSoft to giveaway their flagship product. They also giveaway their free PDF to Word Converter. It works so well so I believe this pdf to all format converter suite can not let me down. I hope I can win one. Also gook luck to everybody.

5in1 could centralize my PDF tool functions in one workplace

Great Giveaway!
I could really use this 5-in-1. I am involved in research. Over the last few years, I saved hundreds of papers, most in Adobe PDF format. I need portions of the papers when I teach, both text and images (with proper citation, of course). This tool would make presenting the material much easier for my students.



Love to test drive and of course
own a versatile tool like this one.
Thanks for creating such tool!

This program would make my life easier in converting documents. I would appreciate a license. Thanks for the offer.

Hi, I won and got my license.
thanks a lot !

Yahoo I have won a license for the 5in1 converter. Only slight problem is that the provided license is not working. I have written a mail and hoping to receive a reply soon.

I have received the license.Huraay.....
Thank You from the bottom of my heart

Pls send me the license code pls

hello there,

first of all thank you for selecting me for giveaway and sending the necessary details to my email. but the licence details given in my email are not working and when i try to register software with that it is saying invalid code.
i request you to look into this matter


this would make all my document conversions very easy and without any trouble

thanks for selecting me as one of the 25

Thank you very very much MegaLeecher for winning this finest software. I receive the key and started to convert my file for editing. Its been great! Different types of Microsoft file using all-in-one converter.

Again, thank you...

I don't try but like good pro
I hope win
Good like


Thank you very much, I got my free one.
Dear Megaleecher's Readers,
Greetings from AnyBizSoft Studio!
First of all, thank you very much for participating in the Giveaway we cooperated with
To the point, we are more than happy to inform you that you have been picked as one of the 25 winners in this giveaway. Congratulate you on winning a free license of AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter, which is worthing $59.95.

Hello Megaleecher,

I have won and received the license for AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter.

Also thanks to AnyBizSoft Studio/Ricky Wong.

Thanks, Grr

Thanks to AnyBizSoft Studio and Megaleecher!
I have received my license. I was surprised since the message came late and activation process was failed but other message arrived with valid data. Again, thanks!

I use already your products pdf to text and pdf to word but i want the full that contains all

Greatfull for your work

count me

thanks a lot

Dear Megaleecher.
Thank you very much.
But the licence details given in my email are not working and when I try to register software with that it is saying invalid code.
Please help me.

Thank you for selecting me again.
Now my license code is working so I am really happy.
AnyBizSoft PDF Converter would make all my document conversions very easy and without any trouble.
Thanks for your offer.

I just got the software license AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter.
Thank you for this software I just tested and works very well and very quickly.
I thank you once again


I have to deal with a lots of pdf files that were created from excel counterparts by my dad. Now, they require modification and formulation. Since, i dont have a tool to convert pdfs to xls, i have to start from the scratch.I think u folks understand the pain of recreating xls sheets . its no fun. Hope i qualify for a copy of the license. Thanx a lot.


I've been looking for a software to use to enable me convert pdf files into other formats. Reading about AnyBizSoft 5-in-1 PDF Converter tells me that's just what I've been looking for.

I just fell in love with it. I desire to have it. Thanks.

It sounds like quite a nice tool that can help users convert PDF to PowerPoint, thanks for sharing such a good stuff! I will give it a try!

nice tool i ever seen before

nice software very useful for study purposes i request and advice u to purchase this software at last wonderful & excellent software

i tried many other pdf to word converter i am telling practically this is the best software for those who really want such type of converter. It will help those who are preparing for competetive exams and get reading material in pdf files from many sources. they can use this software to convert their pdf files to word files for edit purpose.
Really this is the best software in this category go for this software

attach pdf to text message can be download and create the best product for your product, try this convert .pdf to text for free specification.

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