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Free & Easy Solution To Enhance Poor Quality Cellphone And Internet Videos

Low resolution videos taken using cellphones and lower-end digital camera's can now be improved to a much better quality using two free solutions FixMyMovie and FullPix as discussed below in detail.

FixMymovie FixMyMovie provides an easy to use, free online service allowing users to upload videos and download the enhanced version after online processing, utilizing MotionDSP's latest version of regularly updated patent-pending video technology, FixMyMovie significantly enhances the video quality improving overall resolution, fixing video noise, adjusting brightness/contrast and re-encoding, Users can then directly upload the video to YouTube or download in iPod/iPhone/AppleTV or Windows Media compatible formats.

Improve YouTube Video Quality

FullPix is another free solution to enhance your poor quality videos and improve resolution, currently in private beta (needs invite code), Fullpix is a desktop software allowing users to remove block effects, video noise and color fading from videos and convert them to format of their choice with ease.


THANKS .....

very gud


When I'm trying to save my file.
It stops at 6%.
Do anyone know what I have to do?

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