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Rumors, Leaked Image and Concept Video of Samsung Galaxy S4

S4With speculations of Samsung revealing the successor to the best selling smartphone of 2012 - the "Samsung Galaxy S3" during upcoming CES 2013, here is what we know till now about illusive Samsung Galaxy S4 from rumors, supposedly leaked image and an interesting concept video.

Galaxy S4

The rumored specifications of Samsung Galaxy SIV includes an 5 inch 1080p display, the latest Exynos 5440 processor based Cortex A15 chipset, 13 Megapixel camera which should be powered by Google Android 5. Don't forget to watch the Galaxy SIV concept video ahead.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to get unveiled at CES2013 due just few days from now (8-11 Jan, 2013), and if not there then in May 2013.


Well its not an "innovative" thing to see a laser keyboard. It has been out for PC for along time but was never supported because its lack of developer to keep the matrix from wigging out. Also their was only a hand full of other language support the laser keyboard can use. But since this is only "concept" it will not be a surprise to see the laser keyboard not in use. Only because of low developer support and because you can buy Over the counter blue tooth qwerty keyboard for cheap anyways, as for the dock station.. can anyone say Iphone rip off?? Samsung why do you insist on copying their crappy stuff? Again not innovative.. Just be you Samsung don't be another teen bopper we adults do not care for such crap we grow up and out of it. As long as it can connect USB 2.0 or 3.0 at some time you will be the better buy.

Pscrn S

I like Samsung Glaxy Phones but i like S the most. The best phones ever!!! Awesome!!!

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