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Cover Creators for Facebook

Though creating a Facebook cover isn’t exactly rocket science, unless you have the design acumen (whether that’s with a pen and paper or with a professional design package) to create something yourself you’ll likely find yourself twiddling your thumbs for hours and ends rather than end up with a please to the eye Facebook cover.

The endeavour of creating a cover for your Facebook timeline isn’t something that necessarily needs to be left to chance and a time consuming painstaking effort armed with a digital paintbrush. There are instead a variety of cover creator applications for your Facebook timeline and this article will review them.

Although there are of course a variety of websites that distribute covers for Facebook, none of them give you a hand on the creative input of the cover and as such, to some extent; it’s like photocopying your school art homework from someone more talented. Whilst it gets you something pretty it feels a bit wrong.

The advantage of a cover creator for Facebook is that you are able to make up your own Facebook cover to some extent without the inconvenience of mastering digital art skills.

Make a Cover for Facebook

Released just two months ago, this Facebook cover creator has started to make strides in popularity. Whilst Make a Cover for Facebook is somewhat late to the cover creating party, it does offer something just a bit different to the existing Facebook cover applications that are available to use.

The unique selling point of this cover maker app is that users modify the template of a selected character composing up a composite image from a collection of clothing wears and a range of facial expressions.

Users compose a Facebook cover in a systematic fashion by choosing the options that appeal the most, a cover preview window is automatically updated whilst choices are made.

First Cover Maker

In many ways First Covers cover creator application is a replication of Microsoft Paint, but for your web-browser, whilst that may seem unnecessary and somewhat critical it does have its advantages.

Most notably the utility is already scaled to the size and allows you to import the cover directly into your Facebook timeline. Furthermore, the cover creator allows you to nicely gradient a Facebook cover that you’re making.

Timeline Cover Banner
As one of the first cover creator applications developed for Facebook, ‘Timeline Cover Banner’ is a fairly advanced web utility.

However, the cover tool is a little heavy on system resources within your browser so might be better avoided with web-browsers that are not kept up to date.

With that said, Timeline Cover Banner is a very capable online cover utility – one is able to integrate seamlessly your own photos within a wide selection of banner images such that they look visually appealing.

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