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How To Compare Image And Video Quality Of Mobile Phone Camera's Online

If you have a decent smartphone purchased in last one year, one of the top reason to get a new one would be for better mobile-camera quality. Luckily we have a single online service from GSMArena which allows anyone to not only pitch-n-compare smartphone specifications across a lot of brands, but also compare their picture and video quality side-by-side visually taken at a professional setup providing multiple charts and scenarios (like Good and Low light) to get the best evaluation.

Photo Compare Tool

Simply head over to and start comparing.


it's trivial to check for root as best you can then fire a warning to the user that the app is not secure if the device is not adequately secured. Bear in mind you cannot always be sure the device isn't rooted, and you would be removing a lot of power users and potential early adopters from the market by shutting out rooted devices. And - in general - those who root are those who understand the dangers (or they quickly become those who own bricks and can't run any apps at all)

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