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Really !!


My contribution to Steve Jobs

When first starting to getting into PCs was using the company one! But then buying my own which was a “48k Spectrum” you had to use the TV, and a tape recorder to make it work!
Getting my children involved was an other thing, building them programs like shooting games was just the start of my life using them? My first real one came in 1988 when I could log on the “internet” I found then that the whole World was at my beck, and call!
That's why a man like Steve Jobs will be in my mind for ever, remembered? how any one could ever forget what he has done to our computing habits, and how we use them, and our cell phones?
When I think back to my first PC only had 48k memory now today a phone has about 10 times that, and 10000 time faster, and can transfer photo's all over the World in a flash!! How's that for progress?
All because of people like him, and not forgetting about the others, 'but now it's about him”, and “his” accomplishments that I made me think back, and want pay him back in my own humble way!
John Hossack

Really !!
no at all funny, rather childish.

it is a funny text message, nice....

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