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Google Unveils "Gmail Motion Beta" Enable Users To Control Gmail Using Body Motion

Gmail Motion BetaFearing motion sensing technologies developed by rivals like Microsoft Kinect and Opera Face Gestures, Google has now came up with their very own motion-sensing technology allowing users to control Gmail using body gestures.

Named "Gmail Motion BETA" the technology aims to provide an alternative to keyboard and mouse used traditionally for human-computer interaction, Gmail Motion recognizes users body movements using computer's built-in webcam and Google's patented "spatial tracking technology" effectively translating them into meaningful characters and commands. Movements are designed to be simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels. The company also plans to expand the new motion detection technology to Google Docs (Google Docs Motion) later this year.

Gmail Motion Beta

A complete walk-through of this new feature including images, videos, and available gestures are posted below.

Gmail Motion

Gmail Motion

Gmail Motion Controls

Google Docs Pie Chart

Google Docs Motion

Google Docs Motion

Creating A Pie Chart In Google Docs Motion - Easy As Pie !

Google Docs Pie Chart

Gmail Motion Introduction Video
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Look at the gestures......
Googlers are making you April Fool

April fools


This is a Prank! Not a real deal.... LOL... Remember this

Same thing! PRANK and You fell for it... :D

In before, April fool.

LOL. It got me~!

Happy April Fool!

April Fools!

Gmail Motion doesn't actually exist. At least not yet...

Okay, now you can login to Gmail or close this silly box.


Gmail Motion doesn't exist, its merely an April Fools prank from Google and it almost got me too :)

I tested this myself, Gmail Motion is awesome.

P.S. - Pls. check post tags :)

This is another of the Google April Fool elaborately made up jokes.

this is na april fool joke dude

Happy April's Fools Day, anyway why would sum1 wanna use body motion on this simple-mouse-clicking app?

One thing is missing facial expression e.g. happy, sad, confuse, angry , mad, cry, etc that is important with body expression.
I had told google about it.

For a sec I was just thinking can it really be true haha and what will it look like.

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