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WideVPN - Offering More Then 200 IP's World-over, Exclusive Free Account Giveaway For Our Blog Readers

Wide VPNWe have reviewed lots of free and paid VPN services on this blog and have always provided our readers with exclusive free accounts to try things out, so here we are once again with another VPN service review and free account giveaway.

New VPN service WideVPN provides something no other VPN service we have reviewed so far offered - a selection of 200+ IP's from servers all over the world (US,UK,EU,CA,HK,JP,TW,SG,KR...) from a single-account, another good thing is WideVPN does not need any third-party client and works on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone or any other platform supporting PPTP or L2TP VPN protocols.

iPhone Proxy Solution

I tested WideVPN on my iPhone and here are the simple configuration steps you need to complete the setup on iPhone :

  1. Open Settings from iPhone dashboard.
  2. Navigate to General > Network > VPN > Settings.
  3. Select whether you are connecting via L2TP or PPTP at the top.
  4. Complete the settings and tap Save.
  5. iPhone VPN Connection Configuration
  6. Once configured you can see the VPN profile.
  7. iPhone VPN Profile
  8. To get connected tap on VPN toggle and you are good to go, once connected you will see a VPN icon next to the clock.
  9. iPhone VPN Connected

We have five one-month accounts to giveaway to our readers - to participate in the giveaway simply re-tweet this post.

WideVPN Site : WideVPN >>


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