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Android Powered $35 Indian Tablet Is For Real - Hands On Video Demo With Exclusive Picture Gallery

Everybody was skeptical about the $35 educational tablet computer announced by the Indian government, but this now seems very much possible as Indian HRD Minister reveals further details and provides a hands-on video demo assuring that manufacture's are ready to ship the tablet if ordered a million pieces.

Indian Cheap Tablet

Specifications of the tablet as evident from the video :

  • Powered By Android OS
  • Enough hardware juice to work smoothly
  • Resistive Touch screen
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Mini-SD, Mini USB, SIM Card, Headphone and TV-Out ports.
  • Wi-Fi And 3G Enabled
  • Solar powered option also available
  • Has a camera
Android Powered $35 Indian Tablet Featured On Indian Tech Show - Gadget Guru

Above video is an excerpt of the tablet-part from the Indian tech show Gadget Guru, full-episode can be watched online here.

$35 Indian Tablet Exclusive Picture Gallery


A great work indeed. India is soon to emerge as a computer hardware power hub too, and not stick to just being a cheap software professional exporting country.

Oracle wins this case ;)

Any Info on How to Get this Item to my country ?

Now that the media hype is hot and steaming like the turd it is I would expect any smart educator to patch up some preorder form. No one cares how long it takes to deliver it or when we have to pay for it. He said retail will be more expensive so make it (say) 70 Euro and start taking in orders.

At this price no one can really afford to think about it before ordering one. It should be easy to sell 20 million this week. (something like: To be delivered in 1 year.) That should bring in some development funds and put the 10 lolar price target for educational institutions within grasp.

Who knows, it might be easy to get an order for 100 million of those toys from Warsingtoon and the Eurocrates. They spend that kind of money on lunch. Tell them something they want to hear, how it will help militarize children for the war on terra and boost troop moral. Sounds like a joke I know, it's not my joke and it's not funny. have to be realistic, the media loves that kind of thing to death. Orwell lives

Viv la India

when with this be offered in the us? will it be 110v?
thank you

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