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How To Make A Google Account Without Gmail

If you already have an email address and do not want to get a new Gmail account, Google does provide an alternative signup web-form to get your free Google account utilizing your existing email id. One simply needs to use and complete the signup process skipping the need of an Gmail account. The same can also be accessed using the "I prefer to use my current email address" option located just below the text-filed where it asks for Gmail ID in default Google signup form.

Steps To Create Google Account With Non Gmail Address
Google Account With Existing Email ID


This is Well. But I"ll Not Understand For this Full Methods.

We can access other Google products except GMail as it requires an additional gmail account. When I try to access Gmail it shows signup form "Add Gmail to your Google Account" to create a new Gmail acc and use current as secondary.

Oh great , I have a question . I hate phone verification . Does this method help to skip phone verification .

The phone verification is meant to deter spammers and I guess will never be made optional by Google to prevent abuse.

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