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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Available To Microsoft Connect Users!!

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1Users on several Windows forums and websites are reporting to have received an email from Microsoft Connect to download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for testing purposes.

The email said to have sent by Microsoft Internet Explorer Team:

Greetings from the Internet Explorer Team! We are nearing the launch of Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and we will be making it available for the general public to download and test. IE8 Beta 1 is focused on the developer community, with the goal of gaining valuable feedback to improve Internet Explorer 8 during the development process. We have identified you as a qualified beta tester and we would like to offer an opportunity to join our limited technical beta program for Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. Participation in the Technical Beta will enable you to evaluate a common release of Windows Internet Explorer 8, the ability to submit feedback, post bug reports, download software answer surveys on product quality as well as vote on top bugs filed by others from the technical beta program. This is a very exclusive program, by invitation only. The only way to submit feedback is to enroll in the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Technical Beta program. As such, we would be happy to have your participation. To accept this invitation and to apply to become a member of this program, follow this link: (If this link does not work for you, copy the full link and paste it into the Web browser address bar.) Follow the steps shown to you by that program to apply to become an active participant. You may be asked to take a survey, or submit other preliminary information. To report a problem or to ask a question, visit the Contact Us page (found at the bottom of every page). We hope to see you in the technical beta!

Best regards.
The Internet Explorer Team

If the email is not fake, and IE8 Beta 1 is made available for download, then soon it should leak on bitorrent portals and other file-sharing sites as happened in past.


as a learning web designer/developer microsoft is a real pain.
and another browser? they should fix the one they have...

long live firefox :D
I get a "Page not Found" error.
The link appears to be broken.

The invite is one time use only and it has been already used.

Aww no invite for me...probably because my Windows Live passport uses an email address that contains the phrase "firefoxluva" so therefore they would skip over me. But if they were thinking straight, they would have invited me as an attempt to "lure" me back to IE...but wait, they probably thought that I'd never go back anyway...which is true. At least Microsoft saw into the future on that decision.

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