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GeoHotz Replies To Sony Rapping Style !

Sony sued George Hotz for hacking into their his gaming console Sony PlayStation 3 but GeoHot seems to be enjoying this battle as he posted a new video replying to Sony the RAP style - enjoy the crazy video after the jump.

George Hotz Reply To Sony

Lyrics :

Yo it's geohot
And for those that don't know
I'm getting sued by Sony

Let's take this out of the courtroom and into the streets
I'm a beast, at the least, you'll face me in the northeast
Get my ire up, light my fire
I'll go harder then Eminem went at Mariah
Call me a liar
Pound me in the ass with no lube, chafing
You're fucking with the dude who got the keys to your safe and
Those that can't do bring suits
Cry to your Uncle Sam to settle disputes
Thought you'd tackle this with a little more tact
But then again fudgepackers, I don't know Jack

I shed a tear everytime I think of Lik Sang
But shit man, they're a corporation
And I'm a personification of freedom for all
You fill dockets, like thats a concept foreign to y'all
While lawyers muddy water and TROs stall
Out of business is jail for me
And you're suing me civilly

Exhibit this in the courtroom
Go on, do it, I dare you

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He didn't hack THEIR console, he hacked HIS console. He owned it.

Corrected :)

Sony act like a kid somone took his toy.

Just move to Apple and MS products - seems they are more open to JB.

are sony nutz ? sueing this guy it won't stop him ,it will make him more determined to hack more of sonys products, he will just do it with a less public face but hack none the less.

me myself i wish him luck although i can understand that there are both side to a story but geo hotz himself did not commit piracy and was not under any nda's.

all he did was publishing the root keys and software to open up the ps3 to running content that comes from other sources than sony so my question is what did he do wrong?.

if sony had said to him please don't do it and then got him to sign a agreement ,then there law suit would be valid.

but they did not and the fact that he published keys and/or software is buy the buy ( after all geo hotz is not responsible if his work makes it easier for a user to write software to pirate games) . i mean if sony's law suit held any water it could be argued that any company that sold programing software such as c compilers/editors or say assembly language compilers/editor would be guilt too(as they can be use to write software to aid in software piracy)( this would include sony as they make such tools for developers.

in my opinion he is being made a scape goat for that fact that sony are kicking them selfs for making a security system that has the same key for every single ps3 they made ( making it open for hacking (dumb ar$es).

xbox 360 for instance has a cpu key that is different for every box .when hackers find a loop hole instead of suing they just remove the problem with updates or ban user from there online service ).

anyway good luck geo hotz . ps and i love the video .

o and my advice to sony is don't sue him but instead give the guy a job he's more intouch with what users want than you are, id also bet that he would make a kick ass security systems for what ever systems you bring out in future.

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