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[Video] See For Yourself Who Wins The iPhone 4S Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test...

Nobody likes to get their expensive smartphones like Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SII get dropped and damaged. But if you want to know which phone fairs good when dropped from same height, here is a "drop-test" video between the two to get a clear winner - also don't miss the part video part where the tester asks "Siri" (the iPhone 4S virtual assistant feature) about the drop.

Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy SII Drop Tested

And as seen in the video above the Winner is - Samsung Galaxy SII


nice look and feature is also good. but not stylish.

Those 2 phones are not the same!
Samsung is not made of glass like iPhone...

I feel sorry for those people... test is not necessary!!!

to @Smarta$$e$
it is not made from glass just some cheap material.

I saw also the drop test of iPad/iPad2/old iPhone and they all suffer more damage than samsung and motoral product, do some googling and you'll know the truth; idiot.

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