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iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak On Horizon, Chronic Dev Team Takes The Lead With Greenpois0n

Much awaited iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak seems to be on the horizon but this time instead of the usual iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team seems to be taking the crown for 3.1 jailbreak as hints on their coming jailbreaking utility Greenpois0n start appearing on internet, the Chronic Dev Team earlier tweeted that iPhone OS 3.1 is still vulnerable and they are working on a jailbreak - now to make things more interesting they have posted a video showing proof-of-concept demonstrating the exploit working on iPod Touch 3G (video after the jump), they have named the exploit Greenpois0n and the site is already online waiting to be updated with a working jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1 ;).

Greenpois0n Jailbreak Exploit


they are so close!! WOW

Just waiting for you!Thank you!
Come from China

just work hard! We sopport you

please be hurry up!!!!!!!


until something is released.....nobody has one,

competition is undoubtably good but seen a load of tweets and posts about the dev team sucking and they have lost their touch.

none of it, they have a jailbreak which worked for 3.0 and 3.0.1 without any work required unlike purplerain which didnt work heh.


looking forward to 3.1 jailbreak whereever it comes from, but for a lot of us our trust lies with the dev team thanks to their epic track record

and I'm aussie....
please people, grammar is a thing we should all use

Waiting for it!

Give you a big kiss

niemoge sie doczekac jailbreka na iphona 3gs 3.1 pozdrawiam i pracujcie bo wiele ludzi was potrzebuje

help me `````

When is it coming out

It's already coming soon I'll be there you

hurry up ppl~ my iphone have become brick for ages....

How did you brick your iPhone? That's pretty hard to do.

Why do people tell the Cronic Dev Team to hurry up? Probably the same people that don't donate for the hard work put into these jailbreaks.

Just waiting for your hands to pull me up.

>.< loving you~~

hurry up we support you

Does anyone know if this greenpois0n jailbreak is for out of the box iPhone 3gs running 3.1 ?
All answers appreciated

Is this for out of the box iPhone 3gs on 3.1

Thieves!Find your own exploit for once and stop stealing from others!

Why the f*** would they release the exploit to the public?
You just gave Apple what they missed. Nice job.

on their latest update the CDT said greenpois0n would probably be out in two weeks. its long since past that time. why?

when is this coming out they said it soon in sept oct and now it jan almost feb im waitin and waitin ilu guys if u do this jailbrake and does it work for 3.1.2 ipods?

does anyone know them and if there almost done or a release date??

I appreciate all of your hard work. Can't wait for it's release.

Thank you

everyone seems to be fooled wow watta a scam
we told you we were only joking about this to put pressure to geohot
any the tutorial was also fake microsoft basics....

To bra?o hrvati!!!thumbs up!!!

i need this pro

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