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Windows 7 Got Touchy On Japanese TV Show


well goes to show Microsoft has embarrased themselfs with the early NOT FULLY COMPATABLE release of windows7....Hay didnt this happen 2 or more years ago when Vista was early released also? honestly this is why microsoft is having issue's...someone is pushing to outdue there mistake with vista by doing the EXSACT same thing with windows 7....IRONIC?

anyways yeh this was funny to watch some japanese tech sale's having issue using the touchscreen with windows7...Maybe they should downgrade and use vista..atleast they wont have to embarrase themselfs while trying to sell the same model with the latest O.S.

They should have got somebody else to do the presentation. He don't even know how to reset (escape out of) the application. Negative demonstration, pathetic...

You people know nothing about computers. This was a monitor error, not a Windows 7 error. Go back to school and take a basic course on Computer Engineering jeez...

Windows 7 is a magnificent piece of software, most people are just too stupid to use it. Same with so many people whining about viruses on XP. If you are smart, you do not have that issue. =]

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I saw the different TV program, it happened the similar problem with DELL computer. So, it is not only for monitor problem.


Yeah agree, you better go back to school and take a basic course on reading, lol...

Yes - this was NOT a Microsoft / Windows 7 problem. Some issue was present in the touch-screen monitor, as the Japanese Technical guy kept tapping the screen, but the SCREEN wouldn't respond. I'm just surprised that the issue was present in a SONY monitor (one of the best brands out there). The SCREEN sends the commands to Windows 7, then Windows 7 interprets whatever you gestured (such as double-clicking, or moving a window around).

yes- windows7 is light on the processor, Quick on the cache and better yet Deliever a user friend-er workspace.

Only issue i see is that Not all main Components and its driver aswell as some software are compatable **YET** and this tends to happen. Microsoft did NOT release it "early" Actually they held windows7 back about 6 months for future testing and ALSO to make more components windows7 friendly.

The issue being the interface driver not being implcated right with windows7. I have an vaio touchscreen. I upgrade windows vista which was heavy on all things on start up was slow, even when starting up just microsoft drivers. But now I own windows7 ultimate. Quick, buetiful,cheeky: but i get some gliches And can not use compatablity to reinstall all vista set drivers. One of them is the reacting driver for my touchscreen. It lags and acts up leaving me to restart my whole system from a warmboot. Saddly i had to disable the touchscreen ~tear~

The first comment was harsh. really need less people like that person and the third comment: WOW personal much? stop drinking coffee And get some rest youll be less snippy XP

Dont put down microsoft because of small issue's. Either deal with it or dont. I am dealing with it, Im using My bluetooth mouse While i wait for vaio to handle my software gliches and hand me some patches.

I am very proud of how far microsoft have come. Windows 7 very cleanly done, Briliant. Cant wait to see more development. Maybe a new GUI and some new touchscreen features ;)

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