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SugarSync Starts Ditching Free Customers, Here's How To Move Data To Other Free Services

SugarSync stopped offering Free usage-tier some time ago, and has now started purging old free accounts. SugarSync is ditching free-users including users like me who promoted SugarSync in there early days and earned free referral bonus (140+GB in my case). This is not all, these guys are so unprofessional that when contacted about the issue few months ago I was told that since I have referral bonus my account will be ok and will not be purged in February, which was not the case. Thankfully I received an automated account-purge notice by email and contacting them again I was told that the earlier support staff was mistaken and all free accounts will get purged.

Sugarsync bad review

With account cancellation getting near-by I was left with the task of moving my data to alternative free cloud-storage services, since I am on a slow internet connection downloading and re-uploading was not an option. Thankfully, there are free-to-try services allowing cloud-to-cloud data transfers which comes handy in situations like this where users are left in the lurch.

There are two inter-cloud data-sync services I would like to share here:

  1. Mover.IO - is a very simple to use and reliable cloud-sync service offering 10GB of free data transfer between clouds.

  2. Supported Cloud Services And Cloud Data Migration User-interface Images For Mover.IO


  3. - acts more like a single-interface file-manager for all your cloud-services. With options for preview of documents and images, search of files across many cloud-based services and easy drag-n-drop file copy and move actions between cloud services the service offers 14 day free-trial which should be enough to get you out of this sticky situation here.

  4. Supported Cloud Services And Cloud Data Migration User-interface Images For Otixo




Thank you for this excellent suggestion and tutorial on Cloud to Cloud migration, I'm sure that lots of people will find it useful.

I read your site every day and enjoy your tips and links.


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