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Popcorn Time: The 'Netflix For Pirated Movies' Now Offers Free VPN To Keep Users Anonymous

We posted about the open-source, cross-platform, free utility Popcorn Time a few months ago. The original application was taken down after threats by anti-piracy agencies, but was open-sourced which resulted in numerous forks making it virtually impossible to block the application (Don't forget to enjoy behind the scene story in this animated video from the developer shared below).

A new avatar of the app now not only supports Netflix styled one-click, high-quality, movie and TV streaming but also allows user to enjoy the cover of privacy by providing seamless free VPN anonymity. This VPN feature will now automatically mask users' web traffic from their cable service providers, an Android application is also been developed for mobile usage.

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time Beta With Free VPN :


I wonder how long this App will last. Using a build-in VPN to disguise your IP while downloading "Pirated Movies" doesn't always work. Even if Kebrum claims it doesn't keep any logs, it can't prevent law enforcement from asking the ISP to start logging the users' activities. Read this esp the part "What happens if law enforcement demands data?"

I tried this this so called great popcorn software! does not work properly as it will only download between 20 - 30 mb I am using XP with sp3. tried re-installing popcorn, still no joy. Shame.

Verizon has been notified that copyrighted content may have been shared using your Internet connection without permission of the copyright owner.
That's it for me. A very nice program. Too bad !

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