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Phone Disk Unlimited Free Licenses Giveaway For Everyone - Browse, Open, Save Files Directly On iDevices From PC And Mac

Majority of mobile-phones support their storage to be used as an Mass Storage Device from a computer when plugged-in, unfortunately if you own an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch this is not possible. We have shared various utilities and hacks to enable this functionality on iDevices, Phone Disk is another such paid application allowing users to directly access files from Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch like a regular removable disk on both PC and Mac. The good news is "Phone Disk" is being given-away for free to everyone until December 1st 2010, if the software is activated (using the free registration serial number shared ahead) before that date users can enjoy a fully-functional version with all future updates and no expiration date.

File Manager For iPhone, iPod And iPad

Features :

  • Preview, open, edit and save images and files directly on the the device.
  • Device is accessible to all programs as a regular removable disk.
  • Mount multiple iPhones and iPod Touches simultaneously.
  • Works with or without jail-breaking the device.

Download the client utility for PC/Mac OSX using the links provided below and use registration serial key : 2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8 to activate before December, 1st, 2010.

Phone Disk Client Download Links :



Your softwear "ROCKS" : )

THANKS LOADS guys . . . keep up the sharing and good work!


Thanks for sharing the FREE download tip but... this software although a great idea has issues and has crashed a couple of times on a clean Windows XP-SP3 as soon as I installed it I also noticed I can no longer shut down or restart the pc. (unless you unload the program from system tray first!) therefore recommend in program preferences disable automatic start with Windows. and only run when needed.

I've used both, but this one's free:

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