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Sailfish OS - Could this be the an Real alternative to iPhone and Android ?

When a giant like Microsoft has a very little effect on the war between Pepsi and Coca-Cola of cellphone operating-systems - Apple iOS and Google Android. What can one expect from a new mobile OS which claims to offer the very first real alternatives to these operating system. Watch the Sailfish OS video demonstration below and decide for yourself.

Jolla Sailfish OS


Windows 8 on a smart phone wouldn't be so bad. It's basically made for smart phones/tablets.

waiting for this sailfish.its going to rule the ios and adroid world

Hi! How can i get the jolla os? And how to install to phone

bad os

Don't think it will be popular! It's copying an existing OS like iOS and tweaking it to work differently. Be original come out with something new.

Don't think it will be popular or take over. Be original create something new, don't copy an existing OS like iOS and tweak it to work differently.

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