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Fixing Micromax Yureka YU Proximity Sensor Issue On Cyanogen OS 12

The latest Android Lollipop 5.X based Cyanogen OS 12 update brings a lot of new features to the Micromax Yureka YU, but at the same time introduces a annoying bug which breaks the proximity sensor functionality of the phone and the user is left struggling with blank screen during an incoming or outgoing call. One can imagine the frustration when screen is left in sleep state when receiving a call making it impossible to pick up, and unable to disconnect when the call gets picked up from an woken screen as the screen goes back into sleep mode. Thankfully there is a simple fix as shared ahead.

Micromax Yureka YU

Fixing the Blank/Black Screen Issue On Micromax Yureka YU :

  • Open the number dial-pad on your phone and dial *#*#7769#*#*.
  • On the "Proximity Calibration Screen" as shown below, tap the "Start" button.
    Solution For Proximity Sensor Problem
  • Move your finger over proximity the sensor for 3-4 times and try to change the value on screen, keep trying as it might take a few tries to get working properly.
  • When it says "Calibration Good" you can tap the "Stop" button and then "Exit" button to complete the procedure.
    Yureka Phone Proximity Sensor Fix
  • Test your phone and it should be working as expected.


Tried *#*#7769#*#* but the proximity sensor window doesn't open. What I do now? Still have this issue.

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