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Download torrents anonymously using free VPN service endorsed by ThePirateBay

Using VPN's is an easy and safe way to download torrents anonymously, there are many commercial torrent privacy service offerings like TorrentPrivacy and IPREDATOR and free solutions like ItsHidden and BitBlinder.

While world's most well known and censored torrent portal ThePirateBay offers there own paid premium VPN anonymity service IPREDATOR, they recently started promoting (advertising) Privitize free VPN service. Privitize offers full-anonymity across all internet service and do not keep any log for client connections or any type of data snooping, the installer hosted at TPB does have an adware embedded which pays for the free service. However, we have a cleaner version without the adware so our users can enjoy the service without getting the garbage.

Download free Privitize VPN Client:


Clean installer link does not work.

Is this legit? being TPB, I trust them, it's just some things sound too good to be true.

This can be trusted, the link hosted at TPB however contains a adware which was removed in the other link posted above. However, contrary to what you are believing the link promoted and posted at TPB does bundle something you would not want, at the same time keep in mind no free service on internet can survive without a monetization source !!

hello guys am using mac sys so plz could any one tell me if have the same program for mac
best regards

google redirects me to instead of

I downloaded and unpacked it but the installer just crashes when I run it.

Download this - and manually extract files from the installer.

Why would people needs this?

Dear Admin,
My Free VPN is not working is there any issue for it ?
Please mail me and advice

Thanks in Advance

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