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Cool New Interactive YourTube Videos

YouTube recently introduced functionality to create interactive videos with annotation, and results are starting to appear, with users using the functionality to create some brilliant interactive entertaining videos, click the image below to checkout this amazing interactive magic card trick.

YouTomb - Tracking YouTube Removed Videos When, Why & By Whom

Ever wondered who is behind removal of videos you just wanted to see, but was presented by message saying the video was removed due to some kind of TOS violation, YouTomb - a research project by MIT Free Culture can provide you with some valuable stats, YouTomb continually monitors more then 225051 videos on YouTube for copyright-related takedowns.

Watch Higher Quality Videos On YouTube

YouTube has started testing higher quality videos, all videos are not yet available in higher resolutions but should in the upcoming days, to try things out you need to append a special parameter to the existing video URL, appending &fmt=6 to the URL delivers a 448x336 resolution version of the video and appending &fmt=18 delivers a even better 480x360 resolution version, do keep in mind that higher quality videos need a lot of bandwidth and are not yet available for all the videos.

Watch Videos Deleted By YouTube

Watch Deleted YouTube VideosYouTube deletes videos for different reasons and if a video gets deleted you will see the message "We’re sorry, this video is no longer available", however even after the video unavailable for public viewing, the video might still be on YouTube servers and can be watched using specialized websites as listed below.

Accelerate Video Loading For Sites Like YouTube & MetaCafe

Supported Video Sites

Video Accelerator

Speedbit - the makers of popular software "Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)" have came up with an interesting free software to speedup video loading of 60+ popular video websites like YouTube & MetaCafe, The new offering named SpeedBit Video Accelerator makes your videos stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions or "hiccups".

The software assigns a proxy to your web browser and all connections to the video are routed through SpeedBit servers, utilizing multiple connections resulting in videos without breaks and pauses.

The Most Popular YOUTUBE Video EVER

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