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[Video] This Transparent iPad Concept Looks Awesome

Will you put you money on this transparent iPad concept, checkout the video after the jump.



So the entire chip/battery/mainboard/gpu hide under 2 tiny handle..Impossible even for concept wise.
With that in mind, people would not hold it top/down making those 2 bar useless. Why not make the entire thing transparent.

Concept design 5/10
Usability 0/10

Great look !!

I totally agree with'Anonymous0097'.
Talking about the visuals, it is Awesome! Anyone would love to have one.
But it would be just IMPOSSIBLE to produce it.

It is possible. We can already make hardware small enough to fit in a single on of those handle bar, with the battery being in the other.
But will it be powerful? No, there's just enough space to cram small, low powered chips in there.

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