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Ubuntu Powers Google's Self Driving Cars : A Video Showing The Technology, Capabilities, & Challenges

We recently shared a story showing the versatility and power of open-source computing with Linux, further strengthening the claim, Linux has now got another feather in it's cap when Ubuntu became the OS which is now not only powering Desktop, Laptops, Netbooks and mobile devices but also Self-driving Google Cars as unveiled by the following Google presentation at the embedded Linux conference.

As detailed by Google, they are using a customized version of the Ubuntu Linux OS optimized for real-time usage in their driver-less cars, the video also shows how Google modified the Ubuntu operating system for these particular usage needs and achieve exactly what they needed.


Michigan has been working on a sensor program with some of their highways by attaching sensors to cars It may be good idea for Mr. Chatham to research into this as well, here is an article from WILX NEWS 10

If both Google and MDOT work together with this project it might get implemented sooner to the general public.
If megaleacher has a way to contact Mr. Chatham or if he keeps updated on this site as well, I do hope that he sees the work MDOT has done.

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