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Windows 7 Codenamed Vienna Screenshots !

Microsoft future OS offering Windows 7 (Codenamed Vienna) alpha screenshots surfaced on web via, Please note that these maybe fake and photoshoped.

Windows Vienna
Windows 7 Vienna
Microsoft Windows Vienna

Microsoft expects Vienna to be completed by 2010, the most talked about feature of this future OS is MinWin - a minimalistic variation of the Windows 7 kernel. On October 13, 2007, Eric Traut gave a presentation in which he demonstrated MinWin, running a basic HTTP server. The demo system presented was an OS image made up of 100 files and made up a total of 25 MB on disk and a working set of 40 MB. It lacked a graphical UI and was interfaced using a text console UI.

New Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 MS Paint UI with ribbon interface.
Windows 7 Vienna Screen shot
(Click To Enlarge, Image Credit : UxEvangelist via Google Image Search)


the second image is xp
and third one is some linux or xp whith changed shell (not the one on the beach)
first one is xp whith changed shell (not the one on the beach)
the minwin one is the only real thing shown

But a different thinking here:
First one is Vista with some WindowBlinds skin
Second one is XP + Zune theme + some widget software like Yahoo widgets
Third one is XP again with some dicking software

Sorry, it's a "docking" software.

"dicking", LOL!


in the 3rd image on that "dock", why it's there "New Past"? Past is similar to Pasta (in Portuguese means Folder, which i think it'a what they want to say...)

The creator of the third screenshot is pretty dumb because the real codename of next Windows is "Windows 7", not "Windows seven". There's also another mistake. Windows 7 is in State MS1, which means Milestone 1. Microsoft hasn't reached the alpha state yet. And there's a mistake in the article too. When the writer says Windows 7 (Codenamed Vienna) it's wrong. Windows Vienna was the second codename for future Windows OS. The first was Blackbomb and the third is Windows 7. It's also the version number for Windows, but it's a codename too.

the first pic used dock software(i thingk objectdock)same with the 3rd. the 2nd one used the blingboy's concept on Vienna Explorer. I have that on my PC too together with the concept Vienna Pie Dock.

It is SE7EN


The first pic have a major mistake which the background must not be red!! MS color is blue or pale blue.
The second is OK.
The 3rd pic is man-made absolutely, Start bar is windows common characteristic!!!!

Hmm.. The Ribben interface sucks. It's the most inconvenient feature of Office 2007, atleast for me.

Looks like M$ released genuine screen shots. I found a few of them here in thisWindows 7 post. downloading "Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801".It is in the beta stage...see this "" u will find more information....It's bootup time is less than Vista.....


Bardzo si? ciesz?, ?e wychodzi kolejny Windows, zaraz po premierze na pewno go wyprubuj?, ciekawe, jakie ma parametry, mam nadziej?, i? nie b?dzie takim niewypa?em jak Windows Vista...


Hey, DOCK... are you working for Microsoft?
They may be finally working on a somewhat usable OS, but that doesn't make em 'ROCK'. For example, remember what they did to Netscape?

p.s. I switched to openSUSE Linux 6 months ago and I' never going back

I Use a Mac Os X Leopard

I'm using Windows 7 Beta 1 on my laptop. whatever i have on my win 7 are really different with all the pics on this page. LOL.

Some people who currently use this version say if Windows 7 is really great...i agree with them. faster than vista. but from my experience, this version is not stable yet. I got some problems on some parts. but its ok...this is a beta version.

You can get the copy from torrent sites. below is one of the good torrent with more than 4000 seeders :

default serial key Windows 7 Ultimate : FHTKB-9BVJ4-G37RP-W2J2R-V3B49

If your sound card is Realtek HD, Windows automatically detect it as High Definition Audio, but the generic driver wont work. Just find the vista driver with version R2.08 or you can try the newer version.

Enable all automatic features, so Windows will update all drivers when your computer have internet access. GOOD LUCK

Ive been using the new beta for almost a week now, and i must say, I am very impressed. It is very stable (for a beta), and generally outperforms both Vista and XP in everything i do. First things first, all those screens are not real, just some cheezo stuff, the first one doesnt use the right icons, the second is xp, the third ahs ie7 which is wrong, since win7 has ie8. kinda funny though.

anyways, im soo excited about this thing coming out.

Blackcomb was win7 before longhorn, then it became vienna and finally recieved its market name, Windows 7 last year. Longhorn (vista) was never intended to be a super os, more of a space holder between XP and Blackcomb. Some of the features intended to be released with blackcomb were released in vista, and some features slated for release with vista and DX 10 are being released in win7 and DX11.

Expect the Release Candidates a little later this year and A final RTM and launch near the end of the year, beginning of next.

so not everyone wrote there comments using a windows os??. i'm using linux right now so not everyone does. I'm waiting for windows 7 to come out to put on the new rig i'm building but until they can prove it good i'll hang with linux. Gaming wise i'll use vista but other than that i'll wait on things. Wow i love the screen shots....hahaha

I've been a windows user since the beginning of time. However, I'm still annoyed about the fact that Microsoft hasn't been doing enough GUI improvements. I would think, that the Micro$oft camp would have sufficent resources to appreciate what is already out there. Apart from all the optimizations and the obvious usability requirements they really should do something about the aesthetics. The current design/appearance is downright poor, boring, too colorful.

If only they would appreciate the look-and-feel of earlier GUI like:

NeXTstep/Openstep - 11 years old. Nice looking GUI
Mac OSX - 9 years old and still goind strong
Linux - themes-a-plenty, compiz fusion etc..

Micro$soft has acquired both companies and competences over the years. If only they could acquire some taste...

I'm genuinely impressed with the BETA. I was impressed with what Longhorn (er Vista) could have been. Then wasn't. But this is different. I'm amazed how well 7 is developed in BETA stage. My Audigy 4 never sounded this good in Windows. Only Ubuntu/Kubuntu/DreamLinux gave me such nice sound. Everything just works in this BETA! I may seriously dual boot Linux and Windows 7 when 7 is finally for sale.

It feels like someone at Microsoft was studying Gnome and KDE. That's definitely a good thing.

you think it is lame
what is your os?????????? is it cool

Djiaancook !!! aneh aneh ae !!!!

Da eto prosto pizdec kakoy-to, v xoroshem smysle... )))

Seriously !! get a mac


You rules !!!

Sorry dude, mac = pity. Say no to mac!!!

Windows 7 Build 7057

Where can i find the picture of that boat in picture three?

Windows 7 looks like a wannabe Mac. It's just pathetic. Mac is unique, why try to copy it ?
However it would have been cool if windows would have created something totally different. But they just keep running after Mac... There's nothing new... So please just buy the real stuff... Which is Mac !

all fake screenshot

I have Linux Berlyl and I have there 5 pc:- Windows 7 Ultimate
- Windows Vista Ultimate
- Windows XP
- Windows Millenium Editian
- Mac OS X
That all my pc I have allsow 200 GB DDROM X3 whit a Upgrade
I have 500 effects on my pc dat are very more than a normely pc!!!
I live in Belgium.

some themes are transparent and very disturbing ,anyways . hope someone else from inside MS not going to put the codes online like the other OS.

and I think it is one of the best softwear ever, Windows is nothing new, why?? when new Windows is comming out, it's always not perfect, has many erros, must have upgrades, it's slow, often hang, it suck. Mac is ideal, it's fast, never hang, always ready to use, starting fast - so what can I say?? it's perfect for me, and not only.

Windows 98 is still the best of them all. Windows 7 is just a proto-type and more still to come.. Windows 8,9,10,11...99.. and so on.

illustration was predicted windows 7 too far


Great! surely going to look into it. Thanks for sharing....

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