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iDon't Care - Apple's Reply To Rival Droid Does Ad-Campaign

Many phones appeared claiming to be the next iPhone Killer but none was able to put even a small dent on iPhone's armor; recently Verizon and Motorola started the offensive Droid Does viral advertising campaign against Apple iPhone showing what iPhone is not-capable of doing for promoting there upcoming Android based iPhone Killer phone.

This viral advertisement war has now get excited with Apple's amusing counter campaign iDon't Care, you can enjoy all the three ad-war videos below (after the jump).

Droid Does Ad-Campaign

iDon't Care Reply From Apple

DroidDoes, are you serious? watch til the end


Apple did struck them on their asses

just waiting for Iphone to get owned so I can buy something better ... tired of the Ifail phone. lol

Apple copied other companies' ideas to make the iPhone; even the brand name! The only reason people buy it is the Apple logo. iThink the iPhone is going to fall because it has not got the large enough market share in phones for it to survive competition like Windows does with PCs.

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