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[Video] One Photo Is All It Takes To Hack Your WhatsApp Or Telegram Account !!

WhatsApp Hacking

Can Anyone Hack Whatsapp?, is a question many of us have in mind. If you are tech-savvy you would probably answer "No" because WhatsApp and Telegram chats have something called as "End-To-End Encryption" which makes them hack-proof. BUT, this is not the case or at-least "was" not the case until Checkpoint security researchers found a way to hack into WhatsApp account and access everything via the WhatsApp Web Or Desktop interface as demonstrated in the videos shared below. Thankfully, both WhatsApp and Telegram have now patched this security flaw and this attack is no longer a threat.

WhatsApp Attack
WhatsApp Account Takeover Video Demonstration

Telegram Account Takeover Video Demonstration


I totally wanted an ethical hacker to help me spy on my husband and served as a personal investigator. Literally,
I met him on a dating site and there used to be trust but now,
he locks out his WhatsApp, PC and phone. So, there are trust issues.
So, I wanted help to bypass his security and test his potency on trust.
I got a hacker who helped me bypass his phone and got it cloned.
I got access to activities like Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, calls, Skype and others
and found out he was cheating on me with my friend.
I’m sure someone out there is looking for how to solve his relationship problems.

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