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Win Free VPN Service: Kepard Offers Three Free VPN Accounts for Secure Surfing

Sending even a basic document over the Internet is never a totally secure activity these days. Why put up with this when there are virtual private networks, or VPNs, available? Kepard has some of the finest VPN service options available, and all of them can allow you to send images, documents, and data of all kinds - and without any fears of hackers or data theft.

Using technologies such as encryption and advanced protection, this firm has developed a strong reputation for reliability and security. And now, you can enjoy this same top quality service because they are giving ten lucky people a chance to win VPN accounts. Winners each get ninety days of service, and will enjoy some of the safest surfing possible.

It won't matter what OS, device, or preferences the winners have because Kepard has created a complete line of services meant to meet all client's needs. Some of the fastest up and down stream transfers will be enjoyed, and with servers in five countries around the globe, a customer can switch around and remain extra protected, and as often as they would like to do so.

Is This Protection for Everyone?
The entire Internet is at risk for hacking and viruses, and Kepard has the solution that eliminates all of these risks right away. So, this protection is ideal for everyone who uses the Internet. Each day, millions of people unknowingly experience threats from malware, viruses, tracking software, hackers, and more. Simply using your ISP can allow you to be tracked. This is why Kepard's VPN services are a good solution for those in the US, UK, and elsewhere.


With Kepard, you get privacy, security, and flexibility. You can forget about risks or threats and simply enjoy the Internet and all it has to offer. Ready to Get In On This?

To enjoy your chance at winning one of the three 90 day premium VPN Kepard accounts for free, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page, explaining why you should win such secure service!

This giveaway will end on 14-10-2013.

UPDATE # Here are the winners, entries are closed now. Winners should get the account in next 2-3 days directly from Kepard if not pls. get in touch with us.


Just to be anonymous when posting hence I want one!

In this day in age where so high tech that we sometimes think we're secure on the Internet in actuall fact where not. I believe a VPN Is the best place to start locking your Internet.. Regards

Nothing is secured this days and even VPN are pretty expensive hence i would love to win one free from you

Hi Sir, I really need a vpn service so that i can surf anonymously and without any threat. I also need this to create different twitter and email accounts as I am working as social media co-ordinator

Have tried various vpns and most have leaks, unstable and unreliable. Would love to try out this vpn to see how secure their encryption is which is vital when accessing banking sites etc.

Thanks for the giveaway

i see every megaleecher thread
i need it plzz
vpn makes me feel safer on internet and ofc ourse it costs some money
so why not to get a service like this for free

sorry my bad english

In Pakistan YouTube blocked so I want to use.

I would love one Kepard VPN account, especially in the wake of PRISM. None of the online services are secure so I would trust only Kepard.

I should win this extremely secure service as I have enough fxxk up with the risk for hacking, viruses, threats from malware and tracking software, blah blah blah. I also don't want to be tracked by my fxxk up ISP. This is why I need Kepard's VPN services and I should win!

Having a VPN to help secure your on line browsing is essential these days. From being monitored by spy organizations like the NSA, to people trying to monitor your online banking or downloads a Good VPN service is a need. Protecting yourself is a priority.

I have already VPN here in Iran that I am not sure how secure is it.

Do you offer more reliable services.

I must have vpn to makes me secured specially these day that every one want to spy on you.

I've tried a few VPN's, only to be very disappointed. Kepard sounds like the real solution to what I'm looking for. I'm tired of being blocked from different sites, and always concerned about my privacy and security when I surf the net. It was be the ideal solution to win one of the three giveaways.

due to internet districtions in my country, i need to use VPN...THANKS FOR GİVEAWAY.

I need a VPN because I am an IT geek. Always relying on the internet. So please?

I'd love to win a VPN =D I deserve it because I never win anything :(

I should win this secure service because my connection is accessed by multiple people within the household throughout the day. This service would allow my flatmates to browse freely without my having to worry about the security of my computer and our network.

Actually im working as an it consultant in a company but my primary field is about security concerns, then i always looking for a such level of service to protect all my information online, i was using another vpn service in the past but i think now is time to move forward, and with this opportunity there is a good chance to test it, and probably i'll buy this service in the meanwhile if is good enough.

Have tried many unreliable vpns so would love to try Kepard to see how good their encryption is as security is important to me when banking online etc.

Thanks for the giveaway

It's nice to be safe on the net, with this I could be. Please chose me thanks

I am from denmark but live in Thailand where the internet aint very good and security is something you can read about and as I send alot files and Pictures it would be great for me to win so I know they am protected and safe.

When you work as a private / stand alone contractor and you need the piece of mind of securely connecting over the internet a dedicated VPN is what any one would look for.

i love to brows but in my country alots of sits are blocked or unavailable so that i want to have this app.

I believe I should win because i help friends and family fix computers from malwaeand I have older people that get malware easily

I believe that is should because i help freinds and family fix computers. most of my friends and family are older than windows 1

Safety,Reliability, and just good common sense, everybody should have it

Am intrested init coz I already use this trial period its really good protect from hackers and viruses really awsome software it is may I win this thnx .

For me, Kepard is the best VPN Service. It is simple and very fast service to protect my privacy. Thanks for the contest.

everyone needs protection when surfing the internet

Better than free VPN.
Last & most secure line of protection against all kinds of prying eyes.
No snooping on public connection & bypassing unsafe networks.
Getting around local restrictions.

i am a student so please give that chance >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I need this service because I have a tech-savvy ex-wife who is giving me problems. Enough said I think.

Many many thanks for the opportunity to win one year Genuine License and for this Outstanding Giveaway. Winning such secure services provides much more confidence, safe and protected over the internet. Kepard is the Best VPN service that has all solution for any type of risks. These VPN services helps us from ISP from being tracked. This is why Kepard's VPN services are the Best solution for all that provides High encryption, Unlimited traffic, Unlimited speed, and many many more. Thanks and please count e in the draw too :)

Joining a VPN service like Kepard's definitely provides a high level of safety from hacking, snooping by goverment(s), both ours and foreign - like the Chinese and the Koreans.

The only drawback with joining a VPN service is having to traverse at least 1 more hop for each packet transmitted and received. This overhead probably won't be noticed by users with broadband internet service. The overhead might be more noticeable to folks with DSL internet service.
I think the safety of being in a VPN greatly outweighs any potential slowdown in response times.

After PRISM, everyone wants to remain anonymous, right ?
I come from Europe but I live in Asia, and I think such a VPN service could be useful now if I want to surf as I want

Long live MegaLeecher !

I have no idea if the Kepard VPN service would be useful in the over-the-web transfer of important biotechnological documentation and media (audio/video), but I that is what I would use it for, should I win.

Privacy online is very important to me and this software would be the ideal way to go about keeping my online traffic secure.

i think i should win because i need to protect myself from nsa and other similar organisations and in addidtion i'm studying information tech so now and later on it will be useful for me to be able to use a vpn service

Great VPN Kepard , online security and internet freedom :-)
Please count me in !

I wanna win such secure service,because i want that my data exchange at work to be safe.TIA.

before using a service,first every customer want to try on a new service,for testing any feature,security,reability,stability before to be a real customer

The entire Internet is at risk for hacking and viruses. By using VPN I'll forget about risks or threats and simply enjoy the Internet and all it has to offer.

bypassing government censorship in Iran

This actually sounds great, I'm on the internet everyday and I'm always downloading various things including torrents which have become a nightmare because I'm living in the UK and most sites are now blocked by IP. I'm always looking for the best security and this seems like a great tool :)

Hello everyone! since I found out that you are offering free VPN accounts my eyes lit up! For my work, I need the security of a safe shipping pictures, important documents, and had not had the opportunity to get a service that cost me (at least not yet) and because I really love to have this facility, with the commitment to advertise their services with my colleagues and acquaintances.

Plz give me one

I work in the music studio and share with colleagues from other studies a lot of music that could come in unwanted hands before publication, so that we secure network certainly has helped to preserve the works and rights.

We all live in a very insecure, and extremely open world now. There's many agencies that are watching and reading, and viewing everything you do on the internet now. I need something that can prevent the NSA from snooping on my shit, because it's NONE of their business what I do.

My great aunt called them Nosey Parkers. Nobody wants to be continually snooped on. The recent NSA revelations hammer home this point. I work privately on advanced technical IP, and do not take kindly to the thought of it being stolen.

You have, by far the best service on the world.I trust of the security and stability of your software.

Golden chance to test, and purchase only if satisfied. Hurray!

If u know don't know who i am?
I want to keep it that way,plz let me win.

Please register me for a free account, i want to be safe again.

I love Megaleecher articles and I really need a VPN account

because i hate the nsa and the goverment they can kiss my ass and i want to hide my self from them

I admit it.I'm a downloader.I could really use tthis.

Being a beta tester for a German company while living in Australia,means my communications HAVE to be secure, the code I write, it it fell into the wrong hands, could mean the competitors could get an unfair advantage, or worst still unreleased software ending up on a torrent site.

To download torrents safely, for secure transactions..

Esta muy interesante esto de las redes VPN me gusta mucho ese clase d aplicación me daría gusto poder ganar una suscripción a una red d ese tipo

I could access blocked website from my country and have a more secure connection when I'm in public area

I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to the internet because I have seen many instances where people have run into problems because they didn't protect their data well or didn't take security measures seriously. So, I need as much protection as I can get, and I do believe it's well worth the minor inconveniences here and there. Fortunately with the help of Kepard and the like, many security measures can be taken quite easily nowadays. And I wish for a world that this is no longer necessary.

It really helps to maintain privacy while browsing internet

can i access blocked sites? does the site keep the record of the sites i surf? can i hide my ip while surfing?

As i feel VPN is specially good for our children's bcoz those sites which creates bad effects of children's we can prevents only through VPN service,secondly as i experience our some charitable contact who are making key roll in the world should be safe from hackers and other bad concerns may control through change the IP address and it is only possible though Hide the ipvpn service.Hope consider positively.Thanks.

Safety always first and with out Kepard VPN you are not safe on web side so therefore I want to have Free VPN account so I can be safe in all means .....
And FYI,
Kepard makes our life easy and safe on web.


Im living in a country that filter a lot of site, well something like kepard help me to achieve my free internet

Through this software I can protect my privacy,access blocked and region specific sites such as TPB, pandora,CBS etc. Maybe for hiding some downloads and encrypted communications

Thanks MegaLeecher for this awesome giveaway.

In a country like where i am in (IRAN), MORE than half of the internet is down and filtered. and government is spying on many anti-censor services.

I should win because after using it for three months, i'll probably be so hooked on to the surv., blocking & throttling free internet that I may simply decide to buy a subscription to the service. After all, if it works great for three months, and if I am finally able to use voip which got blocked in my country, and bittorrent also, then, heck, I may as well decide to subscribe to this service, when I'm confident it works for me, instead of trying out some other unknown provider when I don't know if that service offers enough speed/latency for my usage scenarios...

..anything to keep the Feds /NSA on the fringe...

Want to enjoy the privacy

Dont know anything about vpn. Just want to check?...

i need a vpn in other to bolster my security and access resources on a network i am not physically connected to.

Only by curiosity about how to prove it works and is effective

hey i want one so that i can listen to Pandora from India

Despite the fact that china has blocked a lot of websites including most popular social networks like Facebook, twitter and so on i miraculously came across kepard and have been using it for a year. i really stand a chance of winning because i am already a user of kepard and i need to be given a chance since i need it to unblock all the websites in China thank you. I really aadmit th fact that it is safe secure stable and very fast compared to all the premium vpns have used in china so far

Thanks Deepesh.
Hope to win the license.

I have been listening about Kepard for sometime, I think its time to check their service and report about merits.

Hi i live in Pakistan and i cant use youtube and i wanna use it

I am subscriber to this site, and recieved so many offers, although I don't think the free things can happen, but still I am trying my luck.

lets see this time is as always or its different with my good luck.

So waiting for inbox to bring this free offer news.

Hi, I need it. since i am living in here. china. f..k gfw

UPDATE # Here are the winners, entries are closed now. Winners should get the account in next 2-3 days directly from Kepard if not pls. get in touch with us.

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