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PutDrive.Com - Innovative service promises to download as Premium from over 80 Hosters & Torrents with cloud storage, Grab 100 GB Free Account

Looking for the ultimate downloaders nirvana, well the new online downloading service PutDrive could the be the answer.

A cross between multi-hoster downloader, Seedbox (download only) and Cloud storage. This brand new “Downloading Wiz” sure does what the name says: it puts stuff inside your drive…. The interesting thing is that it not only downloads and stores torrent files but also featues premium downloads from over 80 different File Hosters including Netload, Uploaded & Filepost, for all of which the user now needs only one Putdrive account. So, the money saving factor is a nonnegotiable plus! Furthermore, within the next 5 days offers to everyone upon registration 100 GB traffic for free!. review

Another innovation of Putdrive is the fact that it saves you a lot of time since it stores everything it downloads inside your online storage drive. So you only need to paste the link of the movie you want to download in Putdrives’ downloading tool and next thing you know the movie is waiting for you in your Googledrive or any cloud you’re using!

One more impressive Putdrive Feature: it also downloads Torrents 100% Anonymous for you, so you don’t need to worry about anonymity anymore. Because you don’t come across File Hosters, Trackers or Peers, your details stay unknown and cannot be seen anywhere… So Anonymity= guaranteed.

Add to all of the above the fact that it gives you 100 GB FREE Storage in the online drive OziBox, the 1st Community Cloud, and we think that it’s definitely worth giving it a try! Claim your free 100 GB Traffic and 100 GB Storage now and discover yourself at - guarantees you:

1. Yopu won't need Premium hoster Accounts Anymore
2. 100% Anonymous torrent downloading
3. An account & 100 GB Storage at OziBox, the 1st Community Cloud


Would like to try it to see if I like it.

I prefer

Cool one

Appreciate the efforts and offers that your company have made. Hope to receive this great gift!

It's a trial account.

Great invention ... I will be the happiest person if i get this offer :)

Thanks in advance

It's a free 100 GB trial account for everyone, just go there and Signup.

Zevera is better when it comes to traffic downloads since I can buy traffic storage without it ever expiring.

I brought a 120gb(got bonus gb from using a coupon) traffic account and still have 77gb left. Also I don't have to worry about expiring.

i receive a e-mail from PutDrive 2 dais later saying this
Your account on Putdrive was removed due to inactivity

20 days before register on thier web site they sucks

Yep, they removed my account out of nowhere before I finished the free trial and blamed it on inactivity though I had logged in less than 5 days ago. I went to their Facebook to complain and they removed all my posts and banned me from it. I have pictures of the emails and facebook posts, if anyone wants to see this. Email me at


Like Multihoster, it looks like another incarnation of Zevera but with torrents. Check out the tech and company info (Zevera was from Cypress), hosting company, etc.

you say zevera is from cypress. before ive read its from hungary and then that its from serbia. just as a side note.
its likely that they are connected. Is someone pretending to privately write about multihosters in general, and, since he uses the service for years, recommends zevera and putlocker as a new alternative.
on the putlocker site, when i click the home-link, i get a 404 error! doesnt help to improve ones opinion about their service.
here at the end of the page is a screenshot about the cloud-drive.
in the picture it advices to click on the right side to select and connect another cloud service - but the list is on the left!
also in the same picture i read something about a 2 gb traffic limit per month!!! needless to say i wouldnt be able to access my files properly no matter how much i can download on the cloud. though i have no idea about the context, maybe its only for the actual free cloud service and not in connection with putlocker, but maybe it is for the 100 gb offer too. if the latter is the case, its a clear scam anyways.
all that shows how little effort went into this. and that seems to be just as true in regards to their actual service.
i have the impression that they read comments on blogs and forums and such, as i find between the bad comments often enthusiastically positive posts. so maybe they read this one and change their site accordingly or will do this on their on accord. i write this just in case they corrected the errors by the time you read this.

I found it virtually impossible to get anywhere with this, as there are virtually no instructions on how to do anything. They tell you what can be done, but not how to do it. I've spent hours trying to figure things out, but to no avail. Complete waste of time. Also, they do not abide by their refund policy.

Putdrive is an awful service, STAY FAR AWAY. Downloading files from hosters never worked for me, downloading torrents is SO SLOW. Customer service is all too happy to lie about what refund requests they receive, and will scam you out of your money even if you request a refund within hours. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, I did.

Complete waste of time and money stay well clear of this site. Does not work tried for hours to download files no chance. Stuck in queue.

Flash website thats about it.


Sorry but PUTDRIVE is a complete waste of time and money.

Stay away from theese as i have payed and not been able to download any thing i have paid for . and cant get a refund just a bunch of robbing Thieves you have all been warned.

I purchased 30days with after I decided to try one of these Multihoster services. What a BIG mistake. I went through hell to download
just 2 files over three days as many of the hosters they advertised with *huge* fanfare as covered where not, or as they put it to me, only limited coverage. They promise the moon and stars, but most of it is major BS. They load like 20GB for a "smaller" less mainstream hoster and whomever user gets their download(s) in quickly is lucky before it is gone. #Quote ""When it comes to limited hosters of course it is a race among the users, a fact that is well known and it is the case for every debrid service out there."" end #Quote = BS !!! Not what was advertised !! (And what is a debrid service ??)

Yes, they are simply re-sellers with agreements to the main original hosters. I fought for 4 days to get a refund. Then after they finally agreed I started getting fraudulent transactions through my Credit Card and had to stop the card and open a bank investigation. Furthermore their entry went of my account as 'PutDrive Nicosia' , which is very interesting, I wanted to avoid PutDrive due to negative reviews. (No comment from them, when queried on this...) - No refund received to date, only fraudulent American Hotel online bookings - Stay away! Scam !

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