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After Megaupload MPAA targets Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles - Solution : Zevera - The New Era of Downloading

Zevera: The New Era of Downloading
Zevera File Hosting House

With all those new hosters popping up, especially after the Megaupload incident, everyone in the downloading community is confused. MPAA has now identified Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles as their next prime targets that should be shuttered next. So what are you going to do? How can you download what you want, if each link is at a different hoster?

By getting yourself 10 different accounts, at 10 different file-hosters??

No. Of course not.

Because now there is a way to GET THE BEST OUT OF ALL THE HOSTERS AND SPEND THE LEAST: it’s called Zevera!

What is is a revolutionary multi – hoster, especially designed for the new era of downloading. It gives you the opportunity to download from over 56 different file-hosters using only one Account.

How? Just keep on reading…. Downloading has never been easier.

With Zevera, there’s no need to panic

Now since Zevera supports 56 different file hosters you don’t have to worry about which hoster the link you are looking for is in. Υou use only one account that supports all those hosters, and you can download problem-free.

Plus, Zevera is also very simple to use: you just paste the links to the Zevera site or use the downloader tool and the files will be downloaded directly without waiting, without captcha and at an incredible speed!

No risk, No Worry!

So, instead of spending a whole bunch of money on different one-click accounts, you can now get yourself one account that works for over 56 different hosters! At the same time you avoid the risk of purchasing an account at a file-hoster that will not exist or under-activate tomorrow!

And what if new file-hosters pop up, or old ones shut their services? No problem at all for you: You just leave it up to the Zevera technicians to deal with the whole fuzz!!

I think it’s more than obvious: right now, for someone who wants to purchase a premium account provides the easiest, most reliable, anonymous and safe solution.

Wait no longer!

So what are you waiting for?Start saving money today! Download any link you want no matter on which file-hoster it is!Get ONE account at and let Zevera deal with everything else…

Get your Zevera account now, and worry no more about your downloads!

tickPremium Downloading from 48 file-hosters
tickDownload any files you want without worrying about on which site they are hosted. No limit on downloads
tickDownload unlimited number of files at incredible speeds!
tickUnlimited Parallel downloads
tickDownload as many files simultaneously as you want and never wait again!

100% Secure & Anonymous
Your downloading is totally anonymous as we are like an anonymous proxy server. Your credit card payment is processed via reliable third-party companies like PayPal, AlertPay etc… and we have no information about who you are.

Visit and register now :


Bro. how can I buy with the sbi atm cum debit card?

Happy piracy

Thanks for this post!

"No risk, No Worry!"

Until the MPAA and other copyright douchebags go after them too.

Like all steam they all hit thier up's and like a roller coaster thier is not where to go from up but down. In this senario the government is closing down the fun ride.

As for Hmm you really dont need that...

Thier are tons of free thridparty downloader and download managers.

I personally use vita rapid downloader. Yes thier are new steam's out and yes vita does update its definition to support this new site's.

Will this stop people from downloading honestly No not really If anything this slows them down but because this new steam site comes out they can easily detoir around to the new site and download for free.

Alittle trick for those newbs who used to download via torrent and now starting to catch on the steam. After your first download, when you have to wait 1hour or 30min to download the next set of steam, go to your modem, Disconnect the power and count to 10 *10sec* reconnect. This by passes the site wait period cycle by resetting and changing ISP. steam only track you by the ISP. For those who already know its to help those who dont know how to steam :)

Read their Terms of Use

5. Daily Fair Use & Limitations

Zevera reserves the right to set download traffic limitations on a daily, weekly, monthly basis on users’ accounts or any other limitations Zevera considers necessary. These limitations can concern specific filehosters or specific users or groups of users who Zevera believes are not using its services in a fair way.

.....No thanks. This is just another company trying to take advantage of the current situation regarding cyberlockers. Most people don't bother to read the small print.

hi I need zevera website source
do you can help me?

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