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Aimersoft Music Recorder Giveaway

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Ever hear a song on internet radio and wish you could have it saved to one of your preferred playlist? Well, that’s now an option with the Aimersoft Music Recorder. This wildly-coveted computer software has taken the music industry by storm in just a short time.

What are its Capabilities?

No matter what your favorite internet radio service might be (i.e. SiriusXM, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.), record any song that may be below-standard to high quality M4A/MP3 files. This software has what is called intelligent recognition technology. The Aimersoft Music Recorder will automatically tag artists, song titles, album covers, album names and genre information for every music files after the recording. Even if it’s local music that you’re listening to, it’s no problem to get the information that you need. The Schedule Tasks function allows you to set recording times that work best for you.

The Aimersoft Library enables you to organize your music neatly and create ringtones for the iPhone & Androids from the library recording collections. Enjoy creating, editing or deleting playlists from recordings. Edit recorded music file info as you please and apply recordings to applications such as iTunes and programs alike. This software has a streamlined user-interface, making it really easy to operate.

The Aimersoft Music Recorder will automatically separate tracks when a silence overdoes the user-defined time, via the most accurate track splitting algorithms. All tracks will be recorded one at a time and there’s no need to worry about any part of the track being cut out. The ability to filter out annoying static and ads when the audio is less than perfect is what people love the most. All track recorded by this music recording software are consistent with the user’s preferences.

Video recording are also enabled with this appliance. With sites such as YouTube, and applications like the Windows Media Player, you can capture it all for immediate playback at any time.

What Else Does Aimersoft Offer?

Aimersoft provides various software applications can be a convenience to just about anyone. The Aimersoft DVD Ripper is one of the most functional ones that’s one the market today, allowing you to display full-length movies on mobile device (smart phones included.) The Aimersoft Video Editor allows you to create and revise motion pictures and still images as you please. Personalize it the way you want to and play it on a host of devices and media outlets.

Special Limited Time Offer

The Aimersoft Company is now offering a giveaway for its high-quality music recorder software. When they normally sell their software for $29, it’s available for free until 3rd December. Aimersoft Music Recorder giveaway has gotten music lovers everywhere in a stir.

Any music lover who is interested will only need to visit the promo page during this giveaway period. Enter an email address and click on the “Get it Free” button to accept your free registration info & the download directions by email. It’s important that you check in your Spam folder when applying for this service as it may be sent there.


Thanks for posting this! !

Seems to be a nice program!But... nowhere mentioned the download link. It seems as if you were able to download it. Can you mail me the link please??

Visit the promo-page fill-in the form and click "Get it free".


Is there any method to get this music recorder tool for free?

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