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Linux Pear OS 7 - The easy, free and open-source Apple OS X experience for your PC

Apple Mac OS X provides a clean and easy to use interface and is desired by non-Apple hardware users, we have seen Mac OS X themes and total customization packs for Windows allowing users to get the look on their PC's running Microsoft Windows OS. Ubuntu on the other hand, also features a nice user-interface and there exist many Ubuntu customization packs for Windows.

Instead of hacking your way trying to install Apple Mac OS X on PC hardware, how about a totally free, Ubuntu Linux based complete operating system with sleek and user friendly Apple Mac OS X styled user-interface, minus the much debated Ubuntu sponsored search links (Adware) without the unity shell. Welcome to Pear OS 7, an easy to use Ubuntu based Linux distribution which comes pre-configured with free apps and drivers to allow use of your exisitng PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players. With option to install and use thousands of free applications.

Pear OS Main Screen

Pear OS 7 Key Features :

  • Mission Control : A bird’s-eye view of running apps.
  • Desktop Switcher : builti-in virtual desktop feature with easy-switcher.
  • Notification Center : Display all your notification in one place just like Mac OS X.
  • LaunchPad : Each app is represented by an icon, Swipe across app pages using trackpad and open apps with a single-click.
  • launcher
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Hi guys,
About the installation. Can I install this on the same partition, or do I need to create another?

This is a complete OS and will need it's own partition, if you do not want to say Windows goodbye you can do two things :

1). Have this installed on a separate partition with Windows as an dual boot option.
2). Try this on a free virtual machine like VirtualBox and see it fits your needs.


Why would anyone want their OS to look like Mac OS!?

Thank you very much for sharing this information! I like your articles.

Very nice but i,am dutch is this also into dutch language availlble
Grtz Ruud Smulders

Je kan nederlands selecteren tijdens het installeren. Dit is gebaseerd op Ubuntu. Gr.

Looks awesome.. but. this is only 64 bit... :'(

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