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Desktop Themes

Linux Pear OS 7 - The easy, free and open-source Apple OS X experience for your PC

Apple Mac OS X provides a clean and easy to use interface and is desired by non-Apple hardware users, we have seen Mac OS X themes and total customization packs for Windows allowing users to get the look on their PC's running Microsoft Windows OS. Ubuntu on the other hand, also features a nice user-interface and there exist many Ubuntu customization packs for Windows.

Instead of hacking your way trying to install Apple Mac OS X on PC hardware, how about a totally free, Ubuntu Linux based complete operating system with sleek and user friendly Apple Mac OS X styled user-interface, minus the much debated Ubuntu sponsored search links (Adware) without the unity shell. Welcome to Pear OS 7, an easy to use Ubuntu based Linux distribution which comes pre-configured with free apps and drivers to allow use of your exisitng PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players. With option to install and use thousands of free applications.

Pear OS Main Screen

Amaze Your Friends With Super Geeky IronMan S.H.I.E.L.D. OS Desktop

Rainmeter is an powerful desktop customization platform, and here is an amazing rainmeter theme which will transform your Windwos OS desktop to an IronMan S.H.I.E.L.D. dashboard. This customization tweak will surely make lookers think, what exactly you are upto.

How to automatically rotate Bing, Picasa or flickr featured images as Google's background

Bing's background images are simply stunning, but if you prefer Google as your search companion but would still like to use the bing wallpaper here is a neat solution for you. Free extension for Google Chrome browser - "Bing wallpaper for Google homepage" lets users automatically rotate the current bing wallpaper as Google background, apart from Bing images the extension also supports Picasa featured images, as well as RSS feeds from picasa - this is not all it also allows users to download the image as wallpaper for use on desktop.

Bing wallpaper downloaded

Rainmeter Skin Gallery - Free Utility To Preview And Install 240+ Rainmeter Desktop Customization Skins

Rainmeter would be without a doubt the best free Windows desktop customization utility, just have a look at the Windows 8 metro UI themes shared earlier and you will know it's not just a software utility but more like a platform having powerful capabilities.

Rainmeter Skin Gallery is a free, portable software which allows you to browse, preview and install 240+ "Free Rainmeter Skins" without leaving the Rainmeter Skin Gallery interface, the utility also shows the skin developer’s name, link to developer's webpage, supported rainmeter versions, skin release date, download size, and rating for an informed downloading decision.

Rainmeter Skin Gallery

Omnimo - Super Geeky Windows 8 Metro UI Inspired Multifunctional Interactive Desktop Information Center Theme

If you admired the awesome metro tile based Windows 8 user interface preview video here is some exciting stuff for you. Based on the popular desktop customization platform "Rainmeter" "Omnimo" is not just a theme, but a complete super cool looking Windows 8 Metro UI inspired multifunctional interactive desktop - complete with tons of plugins and customizations options.

Rainmeter Windows 8 Desktop

This is not something you would like to skip without giving a try, download links with some more awesome desktop composition screenshots after the jump.

Windows 7 Theme Manager - Easy Solution To Browse And Install Unofficial Third-Party Themes

Theme Manager LogoTheme Manager - a free utility for Windows 7 allows users to browse and install hundreds of unofficial themes from a single easy to use interface. Neatly divided into 15 different categories - TV Series, Landscape, Celebrities, Animals, Movies, 3D, Cars, Space, Motorcycle, Cartoons, Games, Anime, Computers, Sport, and Abstract users simply need to click on a theme's icon to instantly download and apply the theme.

Windows 7 Theme Manager

Managing installed themes is also very simple, just switch to "Installed Themes" tab and you have all the options to manage already installed themes including uninstallation, New themes are automatically added to the catalog.

Jazz Up your Windows Desktop With Antique And Classic Styled CPU Meter Widgets

Here are two cool desktop sidebar gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, the "Antique CPU Meter" and "Classic CPU Meter" styles display the current CPU and RAM usage in these realistic looking gauges.

Antique CPU widget
Classic CPU Widget

Experience The Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal User Interface On Windows 7 Using “Ubuntu Skin Pack”

We have themes and transformation packs for Mac OS X Lion, Windows 8, and Windows 7 On XP so why not have the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal user interface on Windows 7, "Ubuntu Skin Pack" is a free transformation pack for Windows 7 allowing users to enjoy the refreshingly simple, minimal and clean look of Ubuntu on there computers.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal For Windows 7

Download Free Mac OS X Lion Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Want to enjoy the sleek Mac OS X user-interface without installing Mac OS X on your PC, thanks to theme-packs like "Mac OS X Transformation Pack For Windows XP" the same is possible on your existing Windows 7 installation.

Mac OS X Transformation Pack For Windows

Two Official Valentine’s Day Themes From Microsoft - Lovebirds And Lacy Hearts

Love birds are eagerly waiting for 14th February to celebrate Valentine's Day, to get the mood going Microsoft has two Love themes for Windows 7 desktops.

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