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Windows 7 Device Stage Automatically Converts Media For Playback On Target Device

Microsoft Windows 7 comes loaded with lots of new features, and one of the most exciting new feature is Device Stage which introduces a brand new way to interact with your hardware devices from Windows desktop; Out-of-the-box support for hardware devices is one of the major strength for Windows over competing operating-systems and Windows 7 takes this to all new level with even more device-support allowing users to utilize services offered by their devices via new visual interface of device-stage without the need to install additional software or drivers.

Microsoft Windows 7 Device Stage

Newly introduced Device Stage is not just a visual interface to interact with your devices but also offers automatic media conversion suited for devices plugged-in as I found it while working with Creative Zen MP3 player as demonstrated ahead.

Windows 7 Device Stage Taskbar Icon Showing Device Battery And Space Status

Smart Device Stage Showing Device Status

Windows 7 Prompting For Automated Conversion Of Copied Video File To Suitable Format For Currently Plugged In Device

Windows 7 Prompting For Video Conversion

Automated Video Conversion In Progress

Windows 7 In-built Video Converter In Action

It is exciting to see how Microsoft has worked on addressing common user requirements and incorporated them smartly within Windows 7 creating a truly next-gen operating system which is a pleasure to work with.


looks very useful but where is the "download" link?

Yes. I'm a Mac user. But I used Windows 7 recently and I must say I'm pretty impressed. I'm even considering a switch since Snow Leopard didn't add any convenience updates.

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