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VideoSpin - Free Video Editing Software by Pinnacle

VideoSpinLeaders in commercial video editing software Pinnacle launched their free video editing movie maker software "VideoSpin" targeted at home users.

VideoSpin is a brand new tool offering similar workflow as of professional Studio family of applications, allowing users to create their own movie clips in minutes using videos and pictures.


With this fully functional free video editor you can:

  • Mix videos, photos and music together
  • Add titles and transitions (with capability to create scrolling titles)
  • Upload directly to the web like YouTube
  • Export to Flash support

You can use VideoSpin to convert video formats and even extract audio from video files, if you are looking for a free, easy to use, feature rich replacement for windows movie maker this is the best thing available right now.

Video Spin Official Website >>


I would like to download free pinacle version 11 or more.

i would like to download free version of pinacle

Its good

I would like to split video free software

When I first used videospin, the playback on WMP was green. Why is this? How do I prevent it?

You must be having CODEC issues try using VLC Media player to play the file.

i have to know that this is very good software.

how to download?

Download From The Website Provided Above or use the direct link below:

Link doesn't work.

keygen pls

this is my favourite software

Don't know what it's like. The download is buried deep inside a mountain of trash ads.

its nice..and good

on't know what it's like. The download is buried deep inside a mountain of trash ads.this is my favourite software


Hello anybody teah me who to download this softwae please... I'l really like it this kind of program..

Thanks for the helped!

i need anybody that has any movie editing software to pls help me with it my, thanks for helping.

you have to go to the videospin official web site to download it
it is free

I would like to download free
pinacle version 11 or more.

please give the option to download


Does any one know how to disable the original sound of the video? I would like to put some music into the movie im editing but the original sound keeps interfering. it sounds horrible!

i need activation key for this program, who can help me?!?!?!

Hey im charlie Sheen nd im making videos with this stuff

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