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Hacks To Enable Windows 8 Taskbar User Picture Tile And Aero Automatic Colorization In Windows 7

Leaked images of Microsoft Windows 8 displayed the new user image tile in system-tray area, another cosmetic change to the theming system "Aero Auto-Colorization" automatically changes the color of Aero elements based on the desktop wallpaper and launched application. Thanks to talented developers, users need not to wait for any leaked installer of Windows 8 to try these two new features as they have now ported both functionalities to Windows 7.

Windows 8 Auto Aero
Video Demonstration Of Aura - Automatic Aero Colorization Hack For Windows 7


I love you ! Window.

I also love using windows.But i tried to use MAC and Ubuntu and it seems cool to utilize that kind of OS.

Windows is one of the popular OS that most of the computer user prepared.In my experience,Windows is such a very easy to use and all of the navigation is very user friendly.

I am still enjoying Windows 7, there is already Windows 8?

Windows is much better than linux.:)

I dunno what's going in with my live ubuntu cd.I ordered that in linux store but having problem with the installer itself.

A LiveCD usually finds your wired internet connection and Firefox should be able to surf the internet into here.

I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

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