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Download "The Suffering" Free Full Version Of Classic Horror Shooter Game

The Suffering PC GameFull PC version of Midway’s classic horror-themed shooter game The Suffering will now be available for free downloading and playing, the ad-supported version will have no limitation of any kind and will be sponsored by advertising.

The 'M' rated (for Mature content) action packed game captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the horror genre in a compelling third-person action/adventure game, set in the ultra-mature and gritty world gamers will be playing the role of Torque, an inmate of maximum-security prison facing harsh and gritty reality of death row, as they fight to escape the unleashing of the gruesome secrets, the game features three distinctly different endings depending upon gamers choice of survival offering good replay value.

The Suffering - Horror Shooter

The game supports both First-person and third-person perspective viewpoints and you will be using standard action game keyboard and mouse controls for playing.

PC Horror Game
Game Action
Scary Inner Demons

The Suffering

Download "The Suffering" Full Version, Size : 1.26 GB:

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Looks cool.

its cool games

Looks gone.

thanks too much




good game


this iz a pretty good game lol and i am only at p.s LOL


The game it looks cool but i dont know to download it can somebody tell me how to download this game?thankx

excellent if downloaded

game looks awesome but it takes forever to load up properly i had to load it a second time because the first time it stuffed hope it works this time

how do u down load it

well m downloading it...
lets c...
the screenshots r to0 gud..
bt i will tell u after playing...

dude it take's long to loadim still waiting and 2hours are past !!!

its comin"
An internet connection is required to enjoy free, ad-supported game play.
Please connect your computer to the internet and try again."

how to over come it plz plz

it lookzzz really cool man but i don't know how to download it can somebody here who help me plzz help me i want it

how to download it

how to stuffs lyk movies, games, and video songs. help me out. i m snatching up my head.

can any one help? i downloaded game but i can start it. if my internet is disconected it says that i need to connect it. when i do that and try to launch game nothing hapens. i have reinstaled it, i have tried to launch as administrator and tried with different modes but result is same!! i have windows 7 home premium.

great game.


Downloaded, installed, played. Works fine

It Real Bad!!!!!! wrd

takes looongg to download but pretty good game so far.


Is there bad language in it? Taking the Lord's name in vain, blasphemy or swearing? I might play it if there is not.


this was very good approach i had a great time on ur site thanks for the good post keep posting...

This is very superb game. I really like this game.

An internet connection is required to enjoy free, ad-supported game play.
Please connect your computer to the internet and try again.
...How can I start the game please can any tell me !!!


thanks for u

hey what's the song in the Video "The Suffering- Ties that bind" made by 'Stress'?

that's good game man

how to download it?????? plz any 1 tell me c'mon guyz

how to download this game guys pls tell me

how do i download from this site

Windows 7 is not supported this game guy

Hi.... I just wanna to know that HOW to download this GAME?
Please....Help Me...


For all you idiots that don't know how to download this game just click under where it says "Download "The Suffering" Full Version, Size : 1.26 GB:"
And click on one of the three links that is posted and just follow the rest of the steps. couldn't get any simpler than that my friends

I can't download. Directlink not working. GamersHell can't download in others country

Thank ĚĎÇÇ

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