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Are you ready for Slotomania?

If you love casino games (and really who doesn’t?), Slotomania, a collection of over 55 games of chance, will deliver the best in the gaming experience. Place your bet, spin, and win!

Truly one of the superior experiences in slot gaming, Slotomania brings the world of Las Vegas lights and action to your Android. This means wherever and whenever you want you can play the free video slots games with all the fun and glitz of Las Vegas. Through its excellence in concept and execution, Slotomania earned its place as one of the Top Apps of 2012 and the number one slot machine game on both Android and Facebook.

Cutting Edge Graphics

You will find the cutting edge graphics and the clear soundtrack real enhancements to your casino playing experience. The graphics are clever and colorful with eye-catching animations. Slotomania’s developers obviously had the user in mind when they conceived the games. Players will find Slotomania games easy to play and easy to win. And after all, winning is not a small thing when it comes to casino games.

Elvis Slots

Bonus Rounds and Free Gifts

The fun and excitement of Slotomania is increased by the frequent free gifts, bonus rounds, spins, and special promotions that pop up as you play. Another plus is the huge variety of games, as well as the frequent addition of new and action packed games. Have even more fun by connecting with friends through social media and share coins and spins. Players stay engaged because there is never a dull moment.

Get Started

So if you are ready for Slotomania, Slotomania is ready for you! Start the reel spinning by downloading the app from Google Play now. You can play the popular unlocked game Farm Friends right away, using your first 500 free virtual coins. Decide how many lines, from 1 to 9 at the beginning, to bet on, place your bet, and spin the reel. You will feel like you stepped into a Las Vegas casino, as you watch the spinning symbols and silently wish for a big cash out. Check out your winnings, and do it again. There are loads of ways to unlock more games, so spin away. Why wait to win?

When players download Slotomania, one fun game, Farm Friends, is unlocked. There are lots of ways to unlock more games. The developers of Slotomania have made it very easy to understand how to play and get to more titles. Players start with 500 virtual coins, place their bets, and then spin. You can decide how many lines to bet on (up to 9 at the beginning), as well as how much to bet. The spinning symbols look very much like a regular slot machine so you are bound to feel right at home. The game calculates the winnings and adds them to the player’s total in a way that makes it easy to keep an eye on the earnings while playing.

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