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Evena Eyes-On™ X-Ray Glasses Can See Through Your Skin

Do you think Google Glass is cool? Think again after you checkout the Evena Eyes-On™ X-Ray Glasses which can see through your skin. Before you get too excited about the possibility of "see-through cloths" X-ray vision do let me clarify that Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses is meant for medical professionals enabling them to clearly see the veins beneath your skin, which helps their decision for picking the “best” vein to stick you with a needle saving you from multiple pricks at wrong areas. Don't forget to watch and share the excellent real usage video of this cool X-Ray vision gadget posted below.

Evena Eyes-On
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It's a fake. In the site, at end appear this:
"Evena Sparrow is NOT available in the U.S., EU and many other developed nations"
And where ? Only in Congo or Bangladesh ?

example throgh u tube

pliz send us afree sample. 263 0784880909

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