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Free Application WebHosting From DreamHost, Limited Invites Available

Dreamhost AppsLeading budget hosting provider DreamHost is offering free web-application hosting during beta phase of their brand new product DreamHost Apps, the new hosted application service supports nine different web-applications featuring single click installation with plans to increase the number of applications in future, currently supported web-applications include - Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, ZenPhoto, MediaWiki, Google Calender, Google Docs, Google Sites, iGoogle and Google Mail.

Users are able to use their existing domain, register a new domain through DreamHost or simply use the free sub-domain provided by DreamHost, once out of beta the service will cost $50/year but will remain free forever for signups done during the beta.

Dreamhost Apps Invite Code

Participation in DreamHost Apps Beta is invite only and requires you to get the hard-to-find limited invite codes to register, the good news is that DreamHost Apps has now opened its gates for 10,000 new signups without the code, simply follow the instructions at the end of the post to get your free for life beta signup.

To benefit from the offer without invite-code hurry and get your free account from
DreamHost Apps Beta registration here.


dose any one have a " pomax "
it's a plug-in for max
if any one have it pls send it to me at

still 58 spots left after i registered.. thanks for the heads up :)

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