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ibVPN - Free USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands And Ireland VPN Service Giveaway

Winners of our IPHider account giveaway were sent their accounts just a few days ago and we have yet another free VPN account giveaway, this time quality VPN service provider ibVPN is sponsoring USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands And Ireland based IP anonymity supporting a variety of platforms like Windows 7/Vista/XP/95/98/Me/NT/2000, Mac OS X 10.2 and higher, Linux, iPhone, WM Smartphones any device/software supporting PPTP protocol.

Country Specific VPN Servers

As usual the benefits of using ibVPN anonymity service is that you can surf the web invisibly and securely without being tracked bypassing internet-censorship and country specific content block.

Although, no additional software installation is required ibVPN provides easy to use client configuration utility for Windows users and detailed instructions with images for all major OS and devices.

ibVPN Anonymity Service

ibVPN is giving away following 3 months VPN accounts exclusively to our blog readers :

  • 10 accounts with access to US + CA + UK + DE + NL + IE
  • 10 accounts with access to US + CA+ NL
  • 10 accounts with access to UK + IE + NL

To participate and get a chance to win a free vpn account simply Like this post on Facebook spreading the word out, click the "Facebook Like" button to start.


Facebook sucks,
and I don’t have an account.

oi oi

like it

wer is the link...???why dont u gv links 2 download?

I don't have facebook account.

Still, I wish to be counted in this great ivVPN promo giveaway.

Thank you very much.

They get better and better all the time, Keep it up.
I'm always looking for better software and sites to
use on-line.

Useful program. Don't ahve facebook due to me actually getting up and visiting friends and not having long-distance friends. Though I like.

so where is the link to like on fb

I live in the UAE were everything is blocked, a vpn client would be much appreciated

Hi there, if you live in UAE, you should try Kongshar, it's also free and works with everything.
Just follow these instructions:
Set up a free and safe VPN connection through provider Kongshare.

How to create a VPN connection for Windows:

- Click Start menu, Settings, Control Panel.

- Choose Network and Internet Connections.

- Click on "Create a connection to the network at your workplace".

- Select Virtual Private Network connection (VPN). Click Next.

- Enter company name "KongShare". Click Next.

- Enter "" as "Host name or IP address". Click Next

- Select "My use only" if you want this connecion to apply only to your user on the computer. Select "Anyone's use" if you want this connection to apply to all users. Click Next.

- Check "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop".

- Use this user and password:
User: anonymous
Password: anonymous

Good Luck!

i live in Skype is blocked.i am sercing free VPN.I have windows xp and 7 i need to installed free VPN.
i have IPad and I phone also please send me the link for windows and Ipad.



Last time i applied and i dint get any of the Giveaway..

i dont know if this is manual process or automated bot which gives away

request megaleecher atleast this time to send deatils.

also i suggest Megaleecher to add a Twitter button for publishing
instead of only FB.

thanks and love ur website.

Hi man, just added to my facebook and also send you email with my facebook username. Please, I need a german IP because I can't play an online game which requires only german or swizerland IPs.

Would love to have this.

received the 3months account

Please i need an account of ibvpn for free
Please i need it fast

Hi I got a confirmation email from ibVPN.
To confirm they asked me to comment here.
Can I know the rest procedure after I
make account at ibVPN.

I've won the 3 months VPN account,,,got mail from Megaleecher...

Thanks a lot Megaleecher for choosing me as winner.....

Once again thanks .....:)

I'm so happy to say that I'm a winner. Thank you MegaLeecher. You are rock. I love it. again thank you soooooooooo much.

This is just to confirm that I got 3 month premium ibVPN. Thanks Megaleecher, you rock as always!!!

Sorry to say that but I can't register an account by following the link to VPN site you given. It shows only shopping card ( I wrote them but not sure if they respond.

got my account UK + IE + NL

:) ty

recived it

Excellent! Thank you so much! Keep it up!

Hi admin, just dropped in to inform you that now all is well with my ib vpn account. As I said I emailed to their support yesterday and today they helped me to create my account. Now I'm using this VPN ok, once again thanks both you and ibVPN service for this nice giveaway. Cheers!

what to do next?

I got my 3 month too Thanks!

Pls UK + NL

Would love to have An trial/acc .


Google for a list of VPN providers with servers located in Germany.Enjoy!

Can I get UK account will be nice :)

I'll tell you about my case with this VPN provider - ibVPN. I decided to become his client. I paid the entire one year tax. The first time money was returned without explanation. The second experience with other payment provider Avangate, the amount was retained, but the bill of ibVPN remained unpaid. Maybe ibVPN and Avangate works for China, but they asked for my copy of identity documents :-)
I don't think that someone is stupid enough to give them their docs. Judge for yourself. I share the last letter from them. Is not this insolence ...
Dear Georgy Mihajlov,

You have placed an order on on 2011-06-04
(Order reference number: # 9171065), order processed by Avangate as the reseller of Amplusnet SRL, the merchant operating, order paid with PayPal.

Your order is currently under evaluation by Avangate antifraud specialists. We perform this verification to prevent unauthorized use of your PayPal account and personal details.

In order to validate your payment and complete your order, please
provide us with the following documents during the next two business days: / expired today /

- A copy of a photo ID (identification card, driver `s license or passport) of the PayPal account holder.
- Proof of Valid billing address: Utility Bill.

All items must be legible and uploaded to our secure interface at:
https: / / / order
or faxed to 650-963-2973 (US / Canada) / +31 84 725 1599 (International).

I chose to change my choice. What is your choice?

Just like every other country in the world, USA has also imposed its fair share of censorship policies and regulations on the digital content. Thousands of justifications have been given for growing adoption of censorship and geo-restrictions; but none of them justifies that the restrictions are valid. So, who faces the censorships? Only non-US residents are the ones most affected by these restrictions policies.

thanks for this information.

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